Have you ever felt like you were on fire? Feeling amazing as it somehow all pieced together, aligned, and made you jump forward? It has happened to me again and again recently, and it feels so good.

I really took my focus to the next level, worked with accountability, and did not pay attention to all that was not that important or didn’t help my cause. My word, it is a fantastic feeling, I can tell you that. Let me share some steps, but if you truly want to know how it feels, rather join my MasterMind as that is where the magic unfolds.

On to a super good year


Together we can see how you can set yourself up for more success in the coming year. Be in control of your time and live your life on your terms. Feel freer and make more impact with your work. Are you ready? Mail me today for your focus session and we’ll make it happen together!


How do you get more energy from your work?


Because it is August, and very busy month of the year. Monthly and annual closures, final targets that still have to be achieved. And all the social obligations that we have. Also, a month in which you start to think ahead, as a new year is coming; with new opportunities to do things differently.


Start now


Can you do it differently? Making fewer long days, working fewer hours or being really at home and switched off from work, for example? Then start today. Determine what gives you the most energy and what costs you a lot of energy. You can easily do this in the coming time by keeping track. You do this as follows.


Identify the energy sources


Keep track in the coming days of what gives energy and what takes energy away. This is about the things you do and experience at work and about things outside your work. You can simply take a sheet of paper and write 2 columns on it: energy drainers and energy providers. You then keep track of what you are doing for a (number of) day (s). You write down everything that you do whether it costs or gives you energy.


Checklist energy drainers/energy providers


An easy way to keep track of your energy consumers and energy providers is by completing << this checklist >>. During the day and after finishing work, simply check whether something gives you energy or not. Also add your own energy providers/drainers, if they are not on the checklist. For the most comprehensive insight, you should preferably do this for several days.


Complete the checklist


You can start using the checklist below:

How do I get more energy


Now that you know what gives you energy, it is important that you organize your life in such a way that you do more of this, daily.

Are there matters at your work that cost a lot of energy? Start talking about this. See if you can transfer the work, outsource it or dispose of it completely.

Is there no way around this? Then make sure you have more than enough energy providers that compensate for these energy drainers.

You do that by taking back control over your time, and leading your life the way you want: become the CEO of your life. Request a focus session with me today, to discover how.

Amaze Yourself,


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Yvonne Dam

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