It’s Saturday today, and I woke up early, my mind racing – what day is it?

Oh yes, Saturday. That means no homeschooling, ok, relax. What else is going on? Oh, nothing really, Nua is going on a play date, and Mark is bringing her, it’s only at noon as well.

So, I fell back and meditated, knowing I had more than enough time today. I read a bit in my book (I have found a new app on my phone that features books with sound! Interesting experience), checked my emails (yes, I do that too, when I am in having a ‘lay in’ in bed) and nothing earth-shattering had happened.

My mind started racing as normal


Then the inevitable question popped up in my head: “What do I HAVE to do today?”. My mind immediately coming up with a good few options; I could look at my terms and conditions, put the new service I yesterday came up with (very exciting!) in Google Docs, and then I stopped myself.

I don’t have to do anything


It’s Saturday; it’s weekend. Time to relax and enjoy. To just BE. Not do, but shut off those racing thoughts in my mind. I’m good enough as is. The business is good enough as is. NOTHING is needed. Not right now. Monday is another day. All is well. Just relax.

Why don't you not DO today but instead simply Be? - business coaching - be the CEO of your life

This feels weird


So then the dialogue in my mind exploded. One voice arguing that I for sure need to do something, the other one shouting that it’s all ok. The latter getting more fed up, for never being heard. For always being overruled. Can we just FFS STOP DOING, for once? It’s new to me. I have reduced my working hours so much.

Apparently, I am still nurturing ‘working’ thoughts in my mind though, even when I don’t work, nor do I need to work. These thoughts do not stress me; I’m simply eager -as always- to go to the next level.

Today I am opting out


But to go to that next level, you’ll first need to appreciate this level. To accept what it is, and enjoy it. So today, I am not doing, I am being.

I am having a self-care day. Hair mask in, face mask on, sitting in my favourite chair, book, and journal by hand and listening to my music. You know the underlying thought I am completely and utterly embracing today? I am enough. I’m good enough AS IS, right now. There is no need to do anything. Just enjoy. Enjoy being good enough. For once, don’t plan, don’t inspire, don’t do anything else. Just be.

I wish you a good day ‘just being’ too. Enjoy where you are. In case no one has told you yet today: you’re good enough as is.


Be the CEO of your life,




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