Recognise this? For once you’ve decided to put yourself first: you want to be more relaxed and les stressed. Everyone around you keeps telling you how great yoga is. Some people even loose weight by practising yoga. So.. sounds like a dream, right?! Wrong!I hate yoga!

Well at least for me it is not right

Let’s start at the beginning: I am not flexible, never was and so it turns out, most like never will be. Have you ever attended a Zumba, body pump or any kind of sport lesson, where they make you stretch at the end? You know where the instructor tells you to sit, bend over and to touch your toes? Where everyone then instantly lies almost flat on the mat? Right!

I am the one, pretending not to know where my toes are located, the one who is vigorously standing out by sitting up. I always smile kind of sheepishly and manage to touch my chants, but that is it. That’s how far it goes.


Keep on trying

No problem: practise by doing, or practise to become flexible, as the saying goes, so I kept on practising. As I was totally focused on becoming relaxed and letting go off stress, I did wanted to practise yoga quite badly. Never mind the pictures off the supermodels who had their legs wrapped around their necks or what other uber-flexible pose they could strike. So I tried.. and tried..

And you know what, it just is not me. I am there to relax, but actually I do not have loads of time, so bottom-line is: I want to relax rather quickly, like almost instantly. Off course this doesn’t work, I know, but still.. Then there are these positions like the sun salutation. I am all in favour of the sun salutation, only a giant walrus with a broken back is what appears, as soon as I try this pose. It never quite seems to resemble the energetic woman, I am aiming for. So getting relaxed, not going to happen.

What did happen

Is a bit embarrassing really. I just love the end of the yoga session. The moment where you are lying down, and you get just let it go. Close your eyes take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Or better said.. and snore! As the moment I am lying down, closed eyes and letting go, is the moment I fall asleep. And a deep sleep that is as well, in such a way that they had to wake me up, to inform the lesson was over. Right.. that one moment of relaxedness evaporated as instant as it came.


So I quit yoga

Yoga and I are a no go, I have decided. In the meantime, I have learned how to relax. And the beauty of it is, I have learned how to relax instantly and momentarily. It goes super fast. As yes even though I am more relaxed now, then I ever was before, I am still impatient, and it still needs to go fast. Recognise anything in my story? Or do you love yoga but are you always looking for ways to improve your relaxation and to be able to let go of stress?


Want to let go of stress fast

Email me and I’ll share gladly the tips and tricks that got me there. It is a big part of my Embrace Life programme, which helps people like you, to obtain a better balance in their life, allowing you to focus on what matters most and to gain more time and energy along the way. I am re-launching this programme in November and I am looking for someone to test it for me. Happy to tell you more about that as well, should you be interested. I would really love to hear from you, email me.


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