“I called him and yelled at him. That it was all about him, that I had to make all the sacrifices and I was done.” 

I just had wondered again how I was going to do it all and I knew: this was the end of the rainbow. I tried so hard to keep it all together that I fell in the same old trap again: I put myself last. And I mean last, like in I almost fell of the charts. 

I was done

But with that realisation that I was done, also came the realisation that no one was forcing me. It was all me. F•ck. Pretty annoying. I was feeling crap and then realising that I was the one, making me feel crap was even worse.

Right so what do you do when you are done?

You decide what it is you want to do instead.
Go after what you want.
You let nothing stop you.
Difficulties are there to be turned into possibilities.
You do not take no for an answer
And you put yourself FIRST.
YES! You realise it is all about you.
Just YOU.

If you are feeling overwhelmed

And you are not into yelling either (trust me better for your relationship in any way) these are the things you could do instead.

Start by asking yourself what you would do if everything was possible and money nor time were an issue? Perhaps more importantly while you are at it: ask yourself what you would STOP doing instantly? Now either simply start doing what YOU actually would like to do or take steps to get to that envisioned end result. Here is how:

1.      Don’t do it all at once. Prioritise. Start with what is most important and has the most impact. All the rest will either fall of the plate or work itself out – later.
2.     Grant yourself a breather. Preferably more than 1 a day. If you are way too busy go for the short and impactful ones. Did you know you can listen to a guided meditation in like 5 minutes and feel brand new?
3.     Ask for help. When I vented to a friend last night, she immediately came to the rescue. She had solutions for everything. It was another sign that there are always solutions, you just might not have thought of them yet.
4.     Communicate. Tell how you feel, what you need and be open. The feeling trapped starts in your head. Share your thoughts and you’ll feel lighter immediately. Rather ask how can I deal with this, as this is how I am feeling. Do not turn it into a pity-party. They don’t work.
5.     Remember that it is all you. You are feeling this way. But YOU are also the one who can decide it is time to feel different. Start today!


I would love to hear from you.

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