Being an online coach [yeah even before covid made everyone online] I knew I had to have an online presence. I knew I had to get out there on social media.

My first steps as an entrepreneur, and coach, were hilarious, in hindsight. I lived in South Africa, and was working two full-time jobs for PwC. I worked as an international tax lawyer and change management consultant. Yes, only in Africa indeed.

I wanted to grow my coaching business on the side.

So I decided that I needed a website, and I sought and found a website builder. When they asked me who’s your ideal client— I said, I am a coach, I can help anyone. When they asked me what is it you specifically offer – I told them I can help people with problems at work, their career and relationships.

I wasn’t specific at all. No, you guessed right – that website was a big fail and for sure didn’t help me get my business off the ground.

With respect to social media, I wasn’t much better.

I failed miserably on social media!

I took quotes – from others- and reposted them on my Facebook page. Thinking everyone who sees that quote, and who resonates with that quote, will for sure reach out to me and will want to work with me.

Ah bliss…

If only.

In the meantime, we’re many years in business and I have had a lot of social media training, taken even more courses and yes, I made it work for me.

Social media is great to grow your business

So, now social media and how to optimize it is a part of my coaching, for those who are eager to use it for themselves and their business.

And then one of the top asked questions is also – How do I get more time for my social media? As it is so time consuming.

Get more time for your social media with Amaze Yourself Coaching and Marc Halpert
How do I get more time for my social media?

I’m answering this question in an upcoming Masterclass, where I have joined forces with Marc Halpert, a LinkedIn expert.

What I love about Marc, is that he’s all about setting your LinkedIn profile in a way that it showcases why your clients should pick YOU. All those things I did wrong in the beginning of my journey he tackles. What makes you more ‘amazing-er’ than your peers?

Time Savings & LinkedIn Efficiency

In our Masterclass Time Savings & LinkedIn Efficiency, we discuss how you can create more time (without working longer) and let LinkedIn work for you.

Register here, as the Masterclass is completely complementary and provides around 20 answers to that question: “How do I get more time for my social media?”.


Join on Tuesday 17 May @ 12:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm CET here

Should you not love LinkedIn as much as I do, I still recommend joining the Masterclass. As Marc’s tips can also be applied on your other social media platforms.


Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,


Yvonne Dam

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