Do you ever miss your own deadlines, yet never those of a client?

Do you cancel almost every ‘meeting’ you have set up for yourself, and wouldn’t dream of canceling a meeting with someone else?

Do you never say no to a client yet deny yourself a whole lot by always saying yes?

And are you looking to change this in a fun and easy way?

Then we should talk.

My Get Sh*t Done Club is something for you. It’s a group coaching program that helps you set short-term goals for yourself, your business, and your business’ growth – and holds you accountable.

Do you ever miss your own deadlines, yet never those of a client?
You get to grow your business by focusing on what matters and saving yourself time.

Never again miss a deadline {relation.firstName}, not yours or your client’s.

No more procrastinating on what’s important and needs to be done – instead, getting it done and freeing up time for you.

{relation.firstName}, does this sound interesting to you? Good, because it is an amazing program.

And we’re starting with a select group of founding members, who get lifetime access to this program at a reduced rate.

Do you know why? Because in less than 20 days, I’m moving to Barcelona – some say the worst time to launch a program. It’s not. This Get Sh*t Done Club is everything; it has to start now, as I’m so incredibly excited about it.

So, live your life and run your business on your own terms, like me! Come and join me, there are only 5 spots left.

Reply to receive more information and set up a quick call, or read more about the program here. Do note that the rate on the website is the one before the reduction.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,


Yvonne Dam

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