One day they’ll find out. Tomorrow someone wants their money back. I am not that good. It’s luck. As long as I keep working incredibly hard, it will work. But only then.

Are you often worried that someday soon, they’ll tell you you’re a fraud, not good at what you do?

And that is precisely what you’re thinking [too] often, that you’re actually not that good. At all.


Here’s what you do to feel better

Do you recognize this? It is called the imposter syndrome. And it happens to all of us, or well at least to 70% of the people. Last week I wrote about how you can recognize it. This week I will tell you how to beat the imposter syndrome.


Work on your self-confidence

The imposter syndrome attacks those with a low self-image and lowers self-confidence the quickest. To beat that, you need to make sure that you feel better about yourself. And eventually feel good and confident about your qualities. As you’re quick to dismiss every success or good thing, I recommend working on an evidence list.


Keep track of your successes

All of your successes, small and big. Personal and in your business. We’re going to celebrate the hell out of you. You know why? Because you deserve it!


You’re amazing, and it is about time you see that yourself. 


Writing down your qualities helps to overcome your imposter syndrome.


Here are easy ways to keep track of your success:

  1. Take the Gallup strength findertest

It shows you (objectively) where your strengths lie.

Of course, you can also use other tests such as MBTI, Disc, or Enneagram. It’s about you know I’m good at this. Getting it confirmed by researched test helps you to see this of yourself and then accept it.


  1. Literally, write down your successes

You can even keep a special booklet for this, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What was the situation when you started?
  • Why was this so much fun?
  • What was the result when you finished?
  • What was your role?
  • Which was your contribution that made this successful?
  • What do you take out of this for next time?
  1. Keep an evidence list

This is one of my favorite tools, I use it, and I have my clients work with it too. I am always amazed by the confidence boost they get from it.

An evidence list is writing down all the great results your clients got through you. Yes, they did it themselves. Of course, they did, but you were there.

List all the amazing results you helped your clients achieve.

You can change this into a daily habit by writing down what went well and what your part was in this.


Train yourself to see the good in you


  1. Save all your compliments that you get

Someone sends you an email that they like your services? Keep it in a special folder in your inbox.

Received a text that tells you people love to work with you? Screenshot it and save it.

Did you receive a verbal compliment? Write it down in your booklet.

Even my love told me he still does this. And he’s pretty confident 😉 but we simply all have our days where we’re not feeling on top of our game.


How to make running your business easy_business coaching_ how to be the ceo of your life


  1. Revisit all these when self-doubt kicks in

When you feel the urge to downplay your own contribution, you read your success diary, evidence list, or the compliments saved. You then have your evidence that you are good at what you do. That you excel.


Your clients are so freaking lucky to work with you! 


It makes it easier to accept that your contribution is indeed valuable.


You don’t have to fight this alone.


  1. Have someone help you beat the imposter syndrome

Confide with someone, talk to them and share your worries and your thoughts. They’ll help you to see things differently.

Choose someone you can trust but preferably not at work. When you’re the boss, your employees want to see confidence. When you’re a colleague, you’ll start downplaying, saying they’re better than you.

You preferably chose someone outside of work who knows you well and who, if necessary, shows you the evidence to turn your mind.


This can be a partner, parent, friend or, coach.  

If you have imposter syndrome or think you might run into it, talk about it.

It is such a common theme, and it is stopping you from growing your business.

If you’re wondering why you are not attracting new clients? Why you constantly feel overwhelmed, imposter syndrome might be in the way.

Besides, it can take away a lot of job satisfaction.

Are you battling with this? Let me help you. It is what I do best. Book a complimentary 30-minute call with me today if you want to talk about this. Or send me an email.


Amaze Yourself,




P.S. In my recent client evaluation, where my client told me they saved 50 hours (!) each month, the first thing they said they’d gained from my coaching: confidence. Confidence sells, is sexy as hell, and is all waiting for you. Reach out, or check out my “Be the CEO of your Life” VIP coaching program to see what you can gain.



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