How you start your day determines the outcome of your day. Have you ever woken up very early, and you got up, instead of snoozing?

And did you notice that it was so “wonderfully quiet”? Everyone around you is still asleep, or so it seems, and you are awake. It’s like having a secret appointment with yourself.

Start your day right

Start your day well and consciously and the rest of your day suddenly goes much better. That does not necessarily mean that you have to get up at 6:00, but simply earlier than you are used to. Or at least longer than you need to get ready for work.


Starting your day earlier has many benefits

Just to name a few:

• You are able to deal with the chaotic times that we are currently facind due to the corona virus.
• You start the day with some time for yourself. Nobody’s around and you are undisturbed.
• It prepares you to deal with being locked up with your partner and / or children better. Or you can better handle being on your own right now.
• You are able to set up a new business strategy and you’ll be more innovative should you be afraid of losing your job, or income, due to the pressure your company is under.
• You become more productive, especially now, and you can work in flow with more ease. You end up getting more done in a day.

Do you like these benefits?


Then start tomorrow

Set your alarm a little earlier, that can be 10 minutes or an hour; and take time for yourself. You decide how you divide that time.

Hal Elrod’s book Miracle morning recommends the following elements, should be part of your morning routine:

1. Silence.

Once you wake up and before looking at your phone, start sitting in silence. You can meditate, do breathing exercises or sit quietly with yourself. Note, do not stay in bed, because then you will most likely fall asleep again.


2. Affirmations.

These are phrases in the present tense, about situations that you would like to become reality. For example, I am very confident or I am enough. You can also listen to guided meditations containing affirmations.


3. Visualisation.

Imagine how you feel, what you hear, see and smell and experience when you have reached your goal. Make it so real that you can’t help but succeed. If you want a promotion, zoom in on the feeling you experience after you have heard that you are promoted. If you want to reach the new income target, make it feel so realistic that you are already signing up the new client.

4. Move.

Start to move, do yoga, go for a walk or fitness. Make exercise part of your morning ritual. I myself use the 7-minute app every day. I can do this at home and it’s so short that I have no excuse not to do it.

Be the CEO of your life - win your day by winning your morning - morning routine

5. Reading.

Do you never get around to reading anymore? Now you will; even if it’s only 2 pages daily. Preferably read books that help you with your personal development or books of someone who has achieved the goal that you want to achieve.


6. Writing.

End your morning ritual with writing. This can be about the goals you want to achieve, the actions you want to take today (in line with those goals) or purely as reflection of where you are now. It is so much more powerful to put pen on paper, because it makes a special connection to your brain.

The idea of the morning ritual is to make time. Time for things that would otherwise quickly be taken over as your daily routine takes precedent.

When you decide what you want to achieve with your morning ritual, you can also determine which parts of these 6 steps you will start with.


You are already effective waking up 6 minutes earlier

The book’s suggestion is that you take 10 minutes per step. But you decide what works for you, is 1 minute per step the maximum? Fine, then you get up 6 minutes earlier. Do you want to spend a little longer but don’t want to do the visualisation or affirmations? Then you do it your way, in your sequence.

I always start my day with a morning ritual. Not at 6:00 am because I just don’t like that. Before corona, I got up at 6:30 am. I had exactly 30 minutes before my bouncing ball woke up too. I meditated, wrote and did my workout. The latter more often than not, with a chatterbox next to me.

Now it is later and I have added more to the routine. Writing gives me a lot of insights so I am taking longer. Every morning I check which 3 actions I commit to that day. Actions that bring me closer to my goal, and I can tell you – it works.

My morning ritual brings me a lot of clarity

And this is what else I achieve by starting my day earlier: focus, calmness, extra time, being able to deal with difficult situations better, improved health, better figure;), productivity increase, positivity and an overall wellness.

And yes, I am an evening person. Therefore, 6:00 am is too early for me, and 6:30 am works better. And I am also a couch potato, but with the 7-minute workout (free download) I really have no excuse.

So, are you ready too?

And if you are not. But you do want all these benefits. I have another solution. Book yourself a power hour with me for only £99,-. An online coaching session plus recording that aligns you to get the results you are looking for.

Amaze Yourself,



“Be the CEO of your life”

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