How can you do it all?

My client asked me in our coaching session this morning. I see you everywhere, how can you do it all?

I get that question asked a lot.

For me it is all about priorities, setting priorities again and again.

Every time I feel overwhelmed, I look at what I have to do, what actions I wanted to do and I readjust my focus. I prioritize so overwhelm doesn’t have a chance.

Here’s how I prioritize in my business:

1. Does it help me attract clients or make money?
2. Does it light me up?
3. I am committed to doing it?

All else will have to wait, gets outsourced or simply isn’t done (ever).

It is a very simple yet effective method, and I use it to get the most important things done. It didn’t happen overnight as a business owner, there is always so much you need to do – which makes this hard.

If you recognise this and you want some help, reach out. My MasterMind, It IS Your Time is open for enrolment now. This is precisely what you need to get things done.

Be the CEO of your life, prioritise and get things done,


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Yvonne Dam

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