Because I work from home, there is no longer a distinction between my private life and my work. 

I work unnoticed much more than I would like.   

Taking breaks is complicated now that I work from home, it all just blurs into each other.

I don’t have my own workplace. We only have 1 desk and it’s in use. So I use the kitchen table, where everyone bothers me.  

I long for time for myself, but now that everyone is at home, there is no room for any me-time. 

I also no longer have travel time in which I can switch off.   


How to balance work and life when working from home 

The above statements I have heard a lot last week from my clients and people in my network. It’s all about the question: How to balance work and life when working from home.

Therefore, I’ve summarised 7 tips that can help you to keep your balance, especially now that you work from home [more].


1. Determine your start and end time and stick to it  

Determine a [fixed] start and end time, as if you were going into the office. Also, define in advance how many hours you want to work in a day. You can keep the usual office hours or set your own times.

When you set your own time, it is easier to “forget time”, so make sure to guard your working hours extra carefully.


2. Focus on the requested results  

What is it that you have to deliver at the end of the day? What are the goals you are working towards? We are often busy with less relevant matters. Focus on what’s important and making an impact. Make sure you start with those things that should be finished. This prevents procrastination, and it is easier to pull the plug at the end of your working day (see 1) because you have delivered the required deliverables.


3. Consciously take time for yourself   

Do you find it difficult that you don’t have time for yourself? Then make sure you take enough breaks. In any case at noon, and preferably after every 60-90 minutes of work. It works best to stand up and leave your workstation. Try to go outside for a lunch break, and if you possibly can,

go out into nature. You will feel refreshed afterwards, and see things more clearly when back at your work.


4. Start with a morning ritual   

For me, the ultimate moment for myself is early in the morning when everyone is still asleep. Then there is time to meditate, determine what I’m going to focus on that day and I do a [short] workout. This time for myself works through the rest of the day.

I can handle everything a lot better. So are you looking for a better balance? Set your alarm a little earlier.

Be the CEO of your life, find the balance in your work and life, with these 7 tips

5. Create your own workplace  

A common complaint is, “I get interrupted a lot because I don’t have my own workplace. I sit at the kitchen table and everyone comes by continuously. ”

Ask yourself, is the kitchen table the most suitable place for you? Or is it possible to place a [second] desk elsewhere? Think of the bedroom, for example.

Is there only 1 desk in the house? Take turns using it. I would recommend this, especially during important [zoom] calls or when you are working on a pivotal piece. If all this isn’t possible, communication is key, see also point 6.

But above all, what do you do to not be disturbed? Do you continuously respond when someone passes by? Are you getting up to make bread because you’re in the kitchen? Or are you listening to special “focus” music with your headphones while working on an important piece?

Take a look at your own attitude. To what extent do you behave differently now that you are at home? If you wouldn’t get up to do the laundry in the office, don’t do it now. You are working for a certain number of hours and then you continue with the household or other matters that require your attention.


6. Set boundaries

Probably the most important tip for monitoring your balance. Set boundaries and communicate them to everyone involved. So to your boss, colleagues, customers, love and children. And maybe even your dog.

Tell everyone where they stand.  When they can bother you, and when they can’t. Be consistent when you can’t be disturbed, so don’t answer questions, don’t pick up the phone and don’t allow to be disturbed.

Whenever it’s possible again, make yourself available to answer calls again and reply to questions. Besides this, communicating your working hours (point 1) and breaks, is therefore also important. Is your colleague calling when you are just eating a sandwich? Call back later. Set boundaries, communicate them clearly and stick to them.


7. Take some time to “switch off”   

Do you miss your commute to switch off? Then end the day differently. Think, for example, about taking a walk at the end of the day. Literally picking up your papers and computer and storing them elsewhere, can clearly mark the end of the day.

Determining what you will focus on tomorrow, can also give you peace of mind. Create a new ritual that will happily end your working day.

One of my clients is now taking a glass of wine in the sun with a piece of cheese, at the end of the day. Really something to look forward to and all the more reason to stop working.


BONUS TIP. Relax in the evenings and on weekends 

Do you still find it difficult to close that laptop on time? First of all, know that your work will never be finished. There will always be new work.

Ask yourself, what you are working on right now, what I am getting upset over, is that something I will find important still, in 5 years?

The easiest thing to keep your balance is by planning something outside your work that you really like. Something you like to stop working for. Think of a having a drink on a terrace, or doing some delicious extensive cooking.

If you make sure to relax in the evenings and weekends, it’s a lot easier to keep balance during the workweek. You’ll have more peace of mind, you’ll be more productive, and will be able to better deal with stress.

Keep your balance, relax more often. 

Amaze Yourself,

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