As long as I work hard enough and perform well – then people will notice me. Or not?! 

In my experience being visible is very important – for both an employee and an entrepreneur. I had to overcome certain aspects before fully embracing this. I held on to the idea: “As long as I do my best, it will be noticed”, for a long time.


Now I know better

It’s like a beautiful product in a shop. To get people to see how beautiful it is, you will have to make sure they pay attention to it. You have to make it visible. So you’ll start drawing attention to it with window dressing, put its picture in an (online) magazine or mention it in an advert. That’s what you have to do as well. For you.

Does that make you feel uncomfortable? Perhaps while growing up you have been told a lot: “Don’t talk so much, sit still.”

To put yourself out there, will then most likely not feel so great. Because you do not like to “show off”, right?!


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Working hard has never resulted in anything. Visible achievements have

Wow! This may even be worse to hear. When I heard it the first time, my thought was: why not? Working hard does work. But be honest: does working hard really pay off? Or is it more important that the right people see what your work delivers?


Because you can work like you crazy

And do great things, but if you do not help anyone with it- don’t contribute to others, then you are purely working for you. And I don’t know about you, but if I have to choose between working like crazy for myself or sitting on a sunny island for myself – I do choose the latter.

Making a contribution is important to me. It makes me happy to make a difference. To contribute to the right people, who appreciate this makes me even happier. So do you right?


When you are making a contribution, it is important that the right people see this and value it. 

Working hard works if the right people see that you are adding value. A contribution is something that you do that is valued by someone else. So if you with your work are making a contribution, adding value, that I do encourage you: make yourself visible.


Would you like to know how to enlarge your visibility? 

How you can just be you, and put your contributions in the spotlight, in your own authentic way? Allowing you to find a job which is better suited for you. A job where people also value your added value? Then I would love for you to join the LinkedIn webinar: Land Your Dream Job with LinkedIn – Using the Magical LinkedIn Mix. 


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