When was the last time you thoroughly enjoyed yourself? You know, that moment, where you didn’t think about any worries nor was there room for anything else than just feeling great. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I know you are busy, way too busy. Hence you do not know where to make time to start enjoying yourself more. And that is a pity. It is why I am sharing some timesaving tips with you today.


Top Tips to Create More Time to Enjoy More


  1. Focus your attention

-A lot of times we are running around like crazy, frantically trying to get a lot of things done at once. Due to lack of focus, we are working on many things at the same time, which means we are actually not getting loads done at all. Stop doing several things at the same time, as well as wanting everything at once. If you want to become more focused, switch off distractions like your phone and email.

  1. Determine your goal -A good way to focus your attention is knowing what you really want. Set your goals to follow your dreams. If you feel your dream is too big to be reached at once, rather decide on the steps to get you there. Start today with taking one step that gets you closer to living your ideal life. Make sure that all the work you are doing is tailored towards reaching that goal.

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  1. Include breaks and happy moments 

Once you are working on achieving your goals, remember to take breaks. A lot of us have the misperception that working hard, non-stop, will get the work done immediately. The contrary is true. Taking regular breaks allows you to re-energise and makes you more productive.


Have you read this and are you frowning? Would you like to receive more tips on how you can bring more balance in your life? How you can actually start focusing on what matters most to you with enough energy. .


Amaze Yourself,




PS Leave me a comment, as I would love to hear whether these tips are working for you or not. Questions are more than welcome as well.


Yvonne Dam

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