How do you manage it all? How do you have it all? I get these questions asked on a frequent basis. And boy, you really work long hours! That’s the next remark. Reality is that I do not work more than 8 hours a day and also less than 5 days a week.


I run a successful company

Am mother of a bouncing ball called Nua and enjoy going out with my love. So the two of us go out for at least 2 to 3 times a month and the three of us as much or even more. Besides this I run, see my friends often and I manage to reserve time for myself.



How I manage?


I must be honest, it took me a while to find my balance, and there are still moments I struggle. But overall I am able to balance it all and am feeling great. What helped me tremendously is saying yes to the things that matter most to me. Do you do that as well saying yes to the things that REALLY matter to you? Do you know what really matters to you? I am asking for 70% of the people are unaware, which shocks me. Or if they know they do not act like it. Therefore I am sharing a tool with you, which can help you prioritise.


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It started all with a quiz for me


I will repeat the three questions here, and I am inviting you to write along and dot down your answers. As it doesn’t take you long but it provides a lot of insights. It provides insight into what matters most and how to prioritise this.


1: Write down your top 5 of things that matter most to you?
2: Write down 5 things you spend most of your time on?
3: Compare these two lists, what do you notice?


When I did this quiz, it became very clear, painfully clear to me that I worked too much and I spent to little time to what really matters to me: my family. What I also noticed is that I, I was not included at all. Nor with the answers to question 1 nor with the answers to question 2. What about you, did you make yourself a priority when answering these questions?


My life is planned around my priorities. This was not easy in the beginning enables me now to really enjoy my life. I am unavailable every day between 3 and 8. That’s when I am spending my time with Nua and Mark. I love it!


What matters most to you?


Do you know what really matters to you? And if so, do you act accordingly? Or are you, like so many people around me, not yet clear on your priorities and are you, therefore, taking on too many things? Things you do not necessarily really value, making you feeling drained as well. Perhaps your priorities are clear but you struggle still to find balance and to divide your time between e.g. work, partner/family/friends and time just for you. If you either are looking to discover your priorities or to bring more balance to your life, I would love to help you. Feel free to arrange your 30-minute coaching session today, without any obligations.


Would you like to receive more tips on how to bring more balance to your life?

Yvonne Dam

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