I was asked that question recently and here is my list of 10 years ago:

  • employed in a job I didn’t really like
  • single and at times desperately looking for someone to share my life with
  • living in a town, I had lived in since I was 2 years old
  • always short of time.. stressed out, and running around

And here is today:

  • owner of Amaze Yourself, a great company that allows me to help people focus on what matters most
  • married, with a beautiful daughter
  • living in the United Kingdom, after having moved to Amsterdam’s coast, South Africa and now in London
  • in balance and doing what I want, when I want: more a Bon Vivant than ever

What has not changed:

  • My passion for traveling and diversity.
  • My curiosity for new things and my adventurous spirit.
  • The ability to have a good time with friends or a good time, period. Although 10 years ago I didn’t allow myself to enjoy life as often as I should have.

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How do your lists compare? Are there items on your current list you wish were different? Have you been beating yourself up, even though you just do not know where to start or how to make the change happen? Or perhaps you have started, but you always seem to run out of time, thus the desired state has not been reached yet.

My motto in life is to Embrace Life, which has over the years become more and more my reality.

I am so very excited about this, as all the lessons I have learned in those ten years: from my energy drains to burn-out, to my aborted round-the-world-trip and working at a prestigious consultancy firm for over 15 years, have given ground to the Embrace Life method.

The Embrace Life method embodies a holistic approach with six very important steps, which if followed will allow you to put yourself first for a change. The results people have gotten from it, have been amazing. I have now summarised this model in an action plan, which I would love to share with you. It allows you to take these actions as a road map to the changes you want to see in your life. Register today for the SHORT online training: “Create Time and Enjoy Life” to receive this action plan. You will also obtain time and energy management tips to expand your free time, as part of this FREE online course.

Register and take the first step to changing your future, the way you want to see it.

The course takes place over a period of 4 days. It only asks 10 minutes of your time, each day. It will deliver you an additional 60 minutes each day, going forward. Don’t wait, register today!


Yvonne Dam

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