It all sounds so simple, yet it’s so hard to create time – to have some time left at the end of your day to relax and unwind.

When I listen to you – I know I am going to change this right away! But then, somehow, it never changes. Does this sound familiar?

Creating more time isn’t that easy.

Last week, I was interviewed during an amazing Masterclass about how to become more productive.

How to use time management to your advantage?

It’s an amazing Masterclass, and you can watch it here.

We also spoke about how simple it sounds to create more time. Because the steps in themselves are not hard, it’s maybe the reason you’ve dismissed them because it sounds so simple.

But then why don’t you implement the change that gets you more time? It’s because life takes over before we even have had the chance to implement the change we want to see.

We’re set in old ways.

So, what to do instead?

Be inspired by the Masterclass here. It’s a Summit where you receive a lot of knowledge about networking, resilience, and commanding control.

You get free access if you sign up now. After that, gaining access after the summit becomes paid.

Don’t wait – take immediate action. That’s also the key to getting extra time.

How to implement change the easy way

How to generate extra time with ease to improve your productivity, income and achieve work-life balance with Yvonne Dam
1. Write down what you want to change. Remember to KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid. Pick one thing that you understand and could integrate. [You’ve made it easy]


2. Be clear on what it is you’re going to change [making it specific makes it even easier]:

a. What will you do differently? 
b. How does it work out practically for you? c. What do you need to stop doing to make this change? d. What do you need to start doing? e. When do you start?



3. Make it known that you’re working on this goal. Share it beyond your partner. You can even share it on social media. [This makes it harder to backtrack]

Now let’s do it!

4. Do it! Yes, and this is where it often goes wrong. Because someone needs your help, you’re bound to fall back on the old way instead of using the new method. Some tips on how to not fall back into your old ways:

a. Start doing it. Yes, you feel stressed. Acknowledge it and move on, as you want a difference. So count back from 5 – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and take action.

b. Take a small step. Don’t do it all at once. Instead, take a small action today and the next tomorrow.

c. Acknowledge and celebrate the first step and the next.

d. Share it with those you told you were going to change.

e. Keep going, make it a habit to do it in the new way.

f. See the results coming in and start with the next step.


Now let’s get you inspired! Sign up for the masterclass and the summit here. I love to see you at the summit, and I can’t wait for you to get more time!


Amaze Yourself,



Yvonne Dam

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