How to make intention setting work better

These past few months I have been playing with setting intentions, upping my mindset and acting as if it was already a fact (that what I had set my intention to).

The results have been amazing, I achieved so much. Much more than ever before in my business.

It is like I set a goal, and then jumped into the deep, trusting I would make it swimming and wouldn’t drown.

When working within multinationals, this was a daily thing. I was “thrown into the deep” all the time. Being presented as an expert, when I was in fact not that experienced or knowledganble on the topic, yet somehow I made it work. Work well, with very satisfied clients as result.

But in my business, I took the more “risk averse” path, in a sense that I needed more experience, more knowledge and more income before I allowed myself certain steps. I can only do this when..

Did you know that this is also keeping yourself back? Perhaps unknowingly. But you’re feeding your unconscious the lie, that right now you can’t. The result, you will not.

Interesting right?

Now, when I set an intention I go for it. All in. Full-heartedly and I make it work. The amount of achievments that have come as a result have been astonishing, that is why I am sharing this with you. So you can have the same.

Want to see how this would work for you, as yes it works for you too, then join my MasterMind It IS Your Time, as it is. Why wait? Let’s jump together.

Let’s play and make your business easy and fun again.

Be the CEO of your life, make it work,


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Yvonne Dam

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