How you sometimes simply make it work.

Today is day 13 of my 365 days Livestream, Be the CEO of your life. Truthfully, I almost forgot, and also was not in the best ‘recording’ look.

Still, I am committed to showing up every day and share part of my life with you. Why?

Because I want to be more connected, and I also love to open up more, something I struggled with.

Since I worked over 25 years in senior positions in the corporate world, where it was all about sharing knowledge teaching, and it is something I do well. Too well. When teaching, there is a distance, a gap; it’s just knowledge, less experience. I want to learn to share it all while still being valuable but less so teaching.

So I am doing this for me, for you, for us. That is what I am committed to. That is why I made it work, somehow.

The same goes for your business. Are you committed? Then you need to make it work. Somehow.

Need help? Join my It IS Your Time MasterMind, where I help you focus on the main things, so it becomes easier.

All you need is commitment, and I will help you focus and let go of what has been holding you back before. Precisely what I am doing right now, right here.

Be the CEO of your life because It IS Your Time,


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Yvonne Dam

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