Today is the day to set intentions

I knew today was special, so I had this day reserved for myself. And it was amazing.

Yesterday, I felt a bit uneasy, which was actually great as it allowed me to take a deeper dive into why the unease?

It turned out that I had a grand vision that not many may support, but what felt absolutely right for me.

Today when I joined an amazing MasterMind on goal and intention setting, it turned out that what I worked through yesterday helped me today.

Have you set some new goals or intentions for yourself already? If not, I highly recommend you do so.

I did mine with a visualization and the image I saw was so powerful that I recorded a video for myself, to remind me of this great image, also on days when I am not feeling it.

When you have set some intentions today, will you share them with me underneath this post?

Otherwise, watch my short video about why today is special and what I am doing to ensure I am effortlessly working on these intentions.

Be the CEO of your life, set your intentions today,


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Yvonne Dam

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