These past few weeks, before I took a break, I amazed myself. I got so much done. It was incredible.

Did you also start your business for you to feel the freedom? To not have to do it according to someone else’s views or rules? To enjoy the feeling of doing it in your own way, all by yourself? A great feeling, isn’t it? Yet the doing it all by yourself can also be the one thing that is stopping your growth.

Why we hate to ask for help

It feels so good to do it by yourself. Ever since we are little, we are praised for doing it alone, first steps, tying your shoelaces, going to school by yourself, riding a bike, you name it. You were awesome when you managed to do something alone. That feeling linger. It is also great to feel in control, and what better way to be in control than to do it yourself? So when you started your business, you were dead-set to make it on your own. Asking for help, therefore, feels like you can’t do it. You feel like something is wrong with you because you need help.

Recognize this, Percy, even when it’s deep down inside of you? That you’d rather do it yourself, work a bit harder than to let someone help you?

Ask for help (and still be amazing)

Even though I have been a very proud business owner and I am very, very happy to own my OWN business without having to deal with anyone else, as early as I possibly could, I got help in my business. Do you know why? Because I know my strengths and also my weaknesses. And only arrogant people and very stuck-up children will never ask for help; they will therefore also never get as far as they could have – if only they asked for help.

How to get an amazing amount of work done? Yvonne Dam - Top Notch coach

Here’s what asking for help will bring you:

1. Lighten your load

One of the main things. You can do it all by yourself and work 24/7, but why would you? When you can hire someone to lighten the load, allowing you to focus on what you do best, and outsource those that aren’t but do take up a lot of your precious time.

2. Become a champion of other people’s strengths

When you can sell your services for $150 an hour, and you’re ‘waiting’ those hours by working on something that takes others less time, and they are better at. Then why do it? Especially when outsourcing costs you $75 an hour, the choice should be easy.

3. Enjoy free time!

By hiring an expert (most likely more expert than you’ll ever be in that topic), you can rest assured that the work gets done well, and you can enjoy some time off while the work gets done. This is what I am experiencing right now, as my team gets my blog out, my social media done while I am roaming Tuscany in Italy.

4. Lower your stress levels

The amount of stress I had before I hired the professionals I work with these days were high. I don’t know the one thing about websites and their technicalities. I also don’t care. But I felt I had to know. All those nights staring and wondering how the f*k was I am going to do it? No clue and I don’t have to. Feels like a breeze.

5. Learn how to get out of your own way

When you find the strength to get out of your own way, it’s amazing how quickly your business can change. From struggling and survival mode to thriving and next level. The main thing, though, is to ensure to use the time you have freed up for something meaningful, to focus on getting the right things done.

How to determine what to focus on

This is what I see go wrong again and again. When I work with my clients and all around me, business owners tend to withhold their own growth by not focusing on the right things. By doing all of it by themselves and when they hire someone to help, they don’t use the freed-up time in the right way. Instead, they use it for other unimportant matters.

Stop procrastinating the essential matters

Instead, focus on getting those done, and the results will hit you like a tidal wave. This last year I have been working on my focus and getting those important things done again and again. The results have been amazing in my business, and I would love to share how with you. That’s why I am organizing a MasterClass soon about this. Want to join?

Simply reply I am in, and I will send you the link and more information.

Amaze Yourself,



PS: When you are ready to uplevel your business and growing it even more rapidly through accountability and encouragement that allows you week in week out to focus on those actions that matter most, join my MasterMind, ‘It IS Your Time.’

You can read all about it here or send me an email if you have any questions.

Yvonne Dam

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