This news is making me slightly nervous!! It is real, today is the day for registration: the Rotterdam marathon!

I have been dreaming about running this marathon ever since I was 16 years old. Dreaming but never doing. I was also dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur, a dream came true.

It is my job now to help people realise their dreams in their life and career. It is something I have been longing to do for 5 years, before I took the plunge. And today I am doing it! Makes me very excited still every day that I am living my dream.

While contemplating all this during a jog, I decided, if I can do that -turning my own world around to help others to live their dreams- it was time for me to pursue another dream as well.

insane, running, time, time-management, coach, relax, enjoy, online coaching, London, Londen, Yvonne Dam, Amaze Yourself, Embrace LifeA scary one, a daring one; a dream I have been told over and over, I could not do. A dream I started training for, in which I got injured. A dream, my physical therapists told me was not for me, not with this body or posture. But still a dream..

I was not even properly running as I could not find time for running during my busy days. But the thought of pursuing my dream, this little seed, was planted in my head: What if? What if I could? Should I? What if I were to run the marathon!?

I started with 2 times a week 30 minutes as that was all I could make time for. Now (October) I am on 4 times a week! Aiming to run my first half marathon soon.

Today is the day: I am registering for my dream! I am running my first marathon. 

Do you know how I made it happen? I started to get more done in less time! I took the steps of the Magic Time Creation Cycle. Are you also aiming to work towards a goal? Looking to get more done in less time, so you can focus on what really matters to you?

Register for my training, Create Time to Enjoy Life . We’ll start on 23 October and it is going to be good! Join . This training will help you create an additional 60 minutes each day, all you need to do is to invest 10 minutes a day, for 4 days. It is free of charge. You’ll also receive a very effective model – The Magic Time Creation Cycle-, showcasing which steps you can take to introduce balance in your life, allowing you to pursue your dreams.

Dat kan natuurlijk ook in het Nederlands. Schrijf je danin.

Yvonne Dam

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