Life happens when you’re making a plan. It’s true , isn’t it?


No matter how accurate your planning is, life sure has a tendency to come in between.
Now you can do two things, you can either never plan again – tempting, I know – or make it work for you.
Having moved internationally recently, I have had my share of chaos, and I still managed to run my business and even grow it.


I’m not big on planning everything all day, every day -far from it- but I do recommend you have planning and a structure in place. It is what helped me to stay calm amidst the chaos and allowed me to work, while sometimes it seemed impossible.

Planning is instrumental to the growth of your business.

here’s why:


1. Makes you mindful of your business realities, what works and what’s not

Don’t wing it! You have a vision, and you know what you want to achieve. To get there, you’ll need to check in regularly to see how you’re doing. What’s the return on investment (ROI) on your time, money, and effort? If it doesn’t work well, adjust your plans.


2. Gives direction to head in

Feel like you’re wasting time? Well, besides that, you probably are; it’s most likely because you didn’t stick to your plan. You need a plan to guide you and set the direction you’re focusing on.


3. Something to build on and anchor in

You need a solid foundation if you’re eager to scale your business. You need to have a plan to get that foundation in place and, once in place, to elaborate from. It helps you to anchor your success.


4. Provides permission to say no – Freedom!

One of the best reasons to plan! It provides you with freedom. Freedom to use all your unplanned time to be creative and go with the flow. I have 2.5 days planned; all the other 5.5 days are all free! Freedom to say no, when inconvenient or if not aligned with your plan.
Your priorities should be leading what you do – not someone else’s agenda.

5. Keeps you on track and accountable

A plan helps you stay on track and allows you to keep yourself accountable if you do it right. If accountability works for you, or when you’d like it to work for you, I highly recommend you join theGet Sh*t Done Club, where you receive weekly accountability and a great environment to grow.
Become the CEO of your business and life– make a plan



6. Be the CEO

Each CEO of a Fortune 500 company has a plan. When a new CEO starts, everyone looks out for their 90-days plan. An incremental tool that indicates their level of success. You may not be running a Fortune 500 company yet, but you still need a plan. If you are eager to get one – but you’re struggling to find the time to sit down and come up with one, I’ve got you.


You need a business accelerator

You’re your business accelerator helps you to highlight your growth opportunities and identifies where you can optimize your business based on a personal assessment. First, you complete a questionnaire, and that’s all you have to do, which allows you two think strategically about your next steps. During a VIP one-on-one session, you then get to process your ideas, worries, and visions, which will be translated into a personal plan.


Your business accelerator results in a personal 90-days-CEO plan that brings your company to the next level with more ease, clearer direction, and a strategy that works.
Set yourself up for the best Q4 ever

Make your plan today!

You can now book your business accelerator from $999 for only $749. Your business accelerator details:

A personalized questionnaire that allows you to highlight where you want to grow, where you see further opportunities for optimization, and how you want to deal with current obstacles.


One 3-hour coaching session or two one and half hour coaching sessions, where you get the opportunity in a one-on-one VIP setting to bounce off ideas, reduce fears and discuss your business’s best way forward.

A tailor-made strategy for 90 days in your business that provides clarity, focus , and opportunities and delivers you to the next phase in your business.


Are you ready to close off 2022 with a bang? Start planning!


Need help? Send me a reply, or book your session now.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,




PS I have only 3 spots available for this price for the business accelerator before the price rises. The accelerator has always been part of my VIP coaching program, The High Achiever’s Freedom Code, and is now offered as a stand-alone service. That’s why the first 3 get the renewed service price.

Yvonne Dam

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