Making a decision is one thing; not doubting yourself once you’ve taken that decision is the next.



All too often, doubt creeps in when we take action or decide on a crucial matter. This leads us to believe that what we are doing or have done isn’t the right thing. This holds us back, takes up unnecessary time, and drains our energy.

How to deal with self-doubt

Practice self-compassion

 We are all human, and you are a human too. Humans have good and bad days, and we learn through doing – and making mistakes. Stepping out of your comfort zone, taking action, and including risks is essential for your growth and unstoppable confidence. 

Read my latest  blog on how to get unstoppable confidence. So don’t become counterproductive in doubting yourself immediately after that. Give yourself some grace, and remember that you’re growing and only human.

· Remember your past achievements

Self-doubt often occurs once you’ve made a bold move. One way to beat this is to reflect on past achievements, where you also made a bold move. Or so it seemed the first time you embarked on that activity. After that, it became easier and easier. Instead, reflect on your successes as a predictor for the outcome of your next step. And don’t allow your mind to wander into “what if it doesn’t work”.

· Try not to compare yourself to others

One of the most common instigators of self-doubt is comparison. The grass always seems greener on the other side. Well, there’s a saying: “The grass is greener on the other side because there’s so much sh*t on it”.

Meaning you don’t know what truly is going on with someone else. You’re unknown with their inner turmoil, how deep they’ve gone, and how troubled they still may be. The only person you should compare yourself to is your yesterday’s self, and don’t be blinded by social media pretty pictures. As that’s all, it’s a pretty picture.


· Be mindful of your thinking

How often do you focus on what’s going right versus how often are you thinking about what (potentially) goes wrong? You will not be happy if your main focus is mistakes, failures, and potential mishaps. Worse off, you’ll become more and more negative.

By paying close attention to your feelings, become aware of what you’re thinking. If you’re not feeling well, ask yourself what was I thinking? If you were thinking a negative thought that invoked some kind of unhappy feeling, consequently ask yourself, is this always 100% true, or do I know of 1 example where the opposite was proven? If so, I choose to believe the positive outcome can also apply to me.


Spend time with supportive people

Ever been in a group of people desperate for more work and blaming their lack of work on the economy, their SEO not working, their […]. you name it. Simply typing this exhausts me already, let alone being surrounded by it. If this is you and you need a change of scenery, do it now and move fast. Nothing is more inspiring than being with the right people around you. You might even like my Get Sh*t Done Club.


How to deal with self-doubt
Find validation from within

You know how you perceive yourself will determine whether you start doubting yourself or believe in yourself 100%.
“Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right”

Choose to believe in yourself no matter what. Adopt a mantra that underwrites your new belief and repeat it over and over until you genuinely engrained it in your mind. Some examples: I am unstoppable / I can do this / I am enough / I am worthy / I am safe / I believe in myself / Yes, I can!


· Remember that you’re the harshest critic

That inner voice doesn’t always guide you in the right direction. On the contrary, it often bashes you down to keep you safe before someone else can criticize you.

Whenever you hear that inner voice in your mind talking you down, remember that you are your own harshest critic. Ask yourself two questions:
1. Would I say out loud what I am thinking now?
2. Would I say the exact same words that I am saying to myself to my best friend?
If you answer both questions with no – change your inner dialogue! You’re worth more.


· Seek Professional Help

I work with successful entrepreneurs who have a business that is doing well. At first glance, one would say they have it all together, so there will be no room for self-doubt. However, even they are plagued by the self-doubt virus, and many of my 1:1 VIP coaching sessions are tailored toward overcoming self-doubt. This works. It’s also why I recommend you seek professional help. Book a session with me so I can help you as well, or set up a 30-minute free focus call to discover a strategy that works best for you.

Be the CEO of your life,


PS Stay tuned, as something amazing is coming up soon!

Yvonne Dam

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