Not what your client wants
Not what your client needs
But what your client desires

Success is the freedom to do whatever you want

Not what “they” tell you to do
Not what “they” want you to do
or even what “they” do

Instead, do you

Yes, your clients come first
And yes, they’re an expert in their field
But you’re an expert too
in your field
for your clients

Success is the freedom to do whatever you want
So, claim it

Do it your way
And live a little

No client is happy when you burn yourself out
Because you’re the expert
They want you
They need you

But only the best of you
So for your client’s sake, pace yourself

And live a little more

Success is the freedom to do what you want
Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more

Here to help,

Do you feel you want to be more successful without working more? Contact me. That’s what I’ve designed my coaching program, the High Achievers Freedom Code. So let’s talk about how you can become successful without working longer hours.

Yvonne Dam

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