One moment you feel in control
and the next, you’re all over the place

* Maxed out *

You’re working on something and you feel like you’re running out of time

And instead of focusing, your scatterbrain kicks in. Reminding you of all the things that you need to do
Later that day
Next week
Heck, even next month

It’s like an unstoppable train wreck

Causing havoc and short circuits in your brain

You freeze, you panic
and the last thing you need is happening right now
You stop being productive altogether

* Overwhelm / Maxed Out *

The one thing to do right now?
Take a deep breath
Drink some water

Remind yourself you only have now

Maybe even rub your arms
as a physical reminder that you’re here, and now

It’s all right
Then take another deep breath
And ask yourself

What’s the one most important task right now?

Only one
And only now

That’s what you work on
Every time when all other tasks
Start floating in your mind again -screaming for attention-
remind yourself -yes; I’ll get to that

Not right now

Now, I’m focusing on the one thing that’s critical right now
And then get to it

Keep going; you’ve got this!

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