Leadership is not how you act when everything is going well, but how you react during the most difficult times. Are you worried? Show leadership and take action.

At the moment we are going through difficult times. All of us. And it is up to you how you react to this. Do you show leadership and take action? Or do you choose to play a different role?

It’s all about how you handle this situation. Or better said, it’s what you focus on? Do you look at what you can influence, or do you mainly worry about those things that you have no influence on, but that do affect you?

Circle of concern

There are currently many things that affect you without you having any influence on those things: such as the corona virus, the measures taken by the government, your job security, and the economic situation. These circumstances can have a lot of impact on how you feel, you may be concerned about these. However, you cannot directly influence these circumstances.

Because these circumstances do affect you, we call all of this the circle of concern [1]. Your reaction to these conditions is always reactive because you have no direct influence on it.
If you want to show leadership now, it is important to be proactive instead.

Circle of influence

All things that affect you and that you can influence are located in your circle of influence. Focus on those things and you’ll be able to take proactive action.
You’ll be showing leadership by focusing on everything you can influence right now; the things where you can literally make a difference.

The point is that we worry too quickly and often about things that we (unfortunately) cannot do anything about. That frustrates and often frightens.

At the moment we are all in this difficult situation due to the corona virus. Yet only a few can directly influence this situation. If yoú keep focusing on that situation, you will continue to feel frustrated and scared. Turn your attention around and wonder, what can I do?

be the ceo of your life - when you are worried, this is how to handle it
What can I do?

Are you afraid of getting sick?

Make sure your immune system is excellent and observe all measures prescribed. Avoid contact with possible contamination grounds, and order your groceries online, for example.

Do you find it difficult to work from home and educate your children?

Focus on the most important and most impactful things; for the study of your children and your work as well. Also give yourself some slack, because it is all very chaotic. The sooner you give in, and simply go with it, the quicker you will feel better.

Are you afraid of losing your job?

Make sure you are indispensable and at the same time get started to retrain if necessary. In that way, you can quickly find another job. By being proactive.

How do you keep your business up and running?

Find out what your customer needs now, and how to adjust your services to meet those needs. There is more possible than you think.

Proactivity is key

If you are currently very concerned, ask yourself, “What I am concerned about, is that within my circle of influence or in my circle of concern only? In case of the latter, there is isn’t anything you can do about it, now. So ask yourself, what cán I do? What is in my circle of influence that I can focus on?

Turning your focus to something else, something you can work on makes a difference. You can then work on removing your worries yourself. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Showing leadership, by being proactive and taking action.

Be the CEO of your life

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[1] The model of the circle of involvement and the circle of influence comes from the work of Stephen Covey. You can read more about it in his book “The 7 habits of highly effective people”. I use a lot of his theory in my coaching “Be the CEO of your life”


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