How do I get a lot done in less time, a question that I get asked very frequently? Can I master productivity? As to really enjoy life, people want to be as productive as possible and deal with their work as soon as possible. With 7 easy steps, you can ensure to become very productive in a day.

It may not always be possible to master productivity as it is not only your work attitude that counts, but there are many factors that play a role. How you are feeling, whether you like your job, whether you slept well and so on: all factors that influence your productivity.

Still, these are the things you can do to make sure today you are super productive:

  1. Decide what to do prior and focus.
  2. Determine what you want to finish today.
  3. Be realistic.
  4. Start with the most daunting tasks.
  5. Stop if you lose your flow
  6. Get some fresh air and perspectives
  7. Drink lots of water.

1.      Decide today that you are going to do a lot and that you will not be disturbed. You are on a mission 😉 Share this with your colleagues and those around you, to inform everyone that today you’re focusing intensely and you do not want to be disturbed.

2.      Determine the things you want to finish today. Start with 3 things only (even though you would like to finish more, once these three are done, you can start with 3 new ones)and write these down on a post-it note. It is even better when you determine these 3 to do items the day before, allowing you to mentally prepare to your to-do list and to start immediately.

3.      Be realistic.

When you are already struggling for days to get one thing done, don’t expect this to be done today in 1 hour and to do 2 additional things on the side. If you have to deal with a major task: break it done in pieces and determine which pieces you will have done by the end of the day.

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4.      Start your day with the most daunting task. As soon as you have finished it, you’ll feel great. You’ll also be more eager to start a new “easier” to do item.

5.      Stop working as soon as you feel you’ve lost your flow. This is the moment when your pc crashes or when all of a sudden nothing comes fluently anymore. This is a natural moment for a break. Make sure to have a 5-minute break after every 60 minutes anyway.

6.      When it is time for lunch, go outside and get some fresh air and fresh perspectives. Whatever you do, make sure to leave your desk and to eat your lunch elsewhere.

7.      Drink water and loads of it. It will keep you alert and helps to take breaks. 5% Dehydration results in 25% concentration loss. By staying hydrated you’ll be able to stay concentrated.


I am curious to see whether these tips will help you master productivity and achieve more, let me know by replying to my email.

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