A 3-day Live virtual Clinic for busy CEOs and business owners, wanting to diagnose your Roadblocks, and create a solid personalized Strategy, to crush your Goals for 2024 - like you always envisioned!

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Crush Your Goals for 2024
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CEO Plan Clinic

-Focus, Action, and Results-

CEO Plan Clinic

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Join the Free Get Sh*t Done Bootcamp that helps you create and crush your to-do list, set priorities, stay focused and ace in business

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November 14 to 16 @ 11 AM NYC/ 16.00 London
30-60 min daily live clinic

Join the CEO Plan Clinic to unlock my signature framework. Getting you to elevate your strategy - bring in more clients and money - allowing you to crush your 2024 goals with a bang!

Take full control of your business & make an impact today!

This CEO Plan Clinic is for the busy business owner like you, eager to smash your goals feeling like there's no time to waste!

It’s lonely being a CEO. You deliver constantly to your clients but spend limited time on yourself. You can’t be vulnerable. Besides, you don’t have a true sounding board.

Everybody needs you - and that’s why it can feel lonely at the top. We see you. That’s why we created the CEO Plan Clinic.

A safe space with mature entrepreneurs like yourself. To come together, learn, elevate your business, and ensure your goals are met this year. Join us today for a 3-day clinic completely tailored to you, where you diagnose your roadblocks, create a solid personalized strategy, and get results!

I Have Been Coaching Executives since 2004 and Helped Hundreds Of Companies Improve their Performance!

I started my career as an international tax lawyer at one of the top global audit firms.

Yvonne held leadership roles in Finance and Law, HR, Sales, Business Development, and Change Management, accumulating over 25 years of experience in the corporate world. Since 2004, I have coached executives, helping hundreds of companies and their leadership teams perform better.

From Fortune 500 corporations to startups and self-employed professionals, my expertise empowers you to enhance your value, elevate your income, and boost productivity.

For the past few years, we zoomed in on smaller businesses. Starting always with a business assessment to understand where you can improve, generally leading to a 30% raise in income and 20% fewer working hours.

In this 3 day clinic, we’ll reveal the exact steps that lead you to identify your steps to success, resulting in a solid personalized strategy to have you crush your goals for 2024.

3 Days

- Focus, Action, and Results -

Do you ever feel like you're running out of time to reach your goals? Working tirelessly, yet falling short? Those long workdays, and still, you miss that sense of accomplishment. No matter how hard you hustle, you're not quite hitting the mark.

But here's the deal, my friend: Let's turn the tables. Wrap up the year with a bang! Crush those goals and revel in your achievements like never before. Step into the CEO Plan Clinic and discover what's been holding you back.

We'll help you turn those roadblocks into stepping stones to success and attract the clients you've been aiming for. Join us today, and let's make 2024 your best year yet!

In 3 days, you’ll get the tools to go from:

Overwhelm to Focus
Doing it all to 1 Clear Strategy
Marginal Results to Crushing it!

November 14, 15, 16 @ 11 AM NYC/ 16.00 London
30-60 min daily live training

What the CEO Plan Clinic entails:

* 3 Days live virtual clinic
* 11 AM Eastern Time / 18:00 Central European Time
* 30-60 minutes of your time per day
* Life-long access to training
* Framework for a higher income, aligned team, and results

In these 3 days we work together to craft your strategy
that helps you to crush the goals you set -
and get the results like you always envisioned.


Focus, Action, and Results

Day 1

Activate your vision

  • Don’t have demotivating goals. Reactivate the goals that light you up, bring your vision to life, and inspire aligned action.


  • Lay the foundation for your financial roadmap, receiving the questions that bring you the clarity you seek.


  • 3 Things that disrupt your focus – how to deal with these and other roadblocks.


Get Accountable

Day 2

Become a Goal Getter

  • Do you have a job, or do you own a company? Take ownership by aligning your leadership style.


  • Answer the questions that get you to focus on money-making activities (or your other goals) and stop wasting time.


  • Ensure you have the best team possible to elevate your business, even when you feel like you’ve been doing it alone.


Be the CEO 

Day 3

Activate your strategic CEO Plan

  • Priorities only work one way. Never mistake activity for achievement.


  • What processes do you need to install to make life and business easy? Work on the questions you’ve never answered. 


  • Why you need to stop working and start planning. Focus on being productive instead of busy.


Take Action

November 14, 15, 16 @ 11 AM NYC/ 16.00 London
30-60 min daily live training.

3 Days of action-packed training helping you to end this year like no other!

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Each day takes 30-60 minutes of your time only, but the time you get back from it is unparalleled. Finally, you’ll have the strategy to focus on all that truly matters for your business growth.

There’s a live training daily on Zoom and in a secured group, where you have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

The CEO Plan Clinic is designed for business owners just like you who are ready to take back control of all their outstanding projects, stop procrastinating, and start focusing on those projects that make them money and start freeing up time.