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She has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, within finance, HR, sales, and change-plus performance management.

However, the golden thread in her career is and has always been coaching. From executives to teams to ambitious business owners, Yvonne has the coaching experience. Being a recovering workaholic herself…

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On this interview, with Ben Baker from Your Brand Marketing, Yvonne Dam, Founder and CEO of Amaze Yourself, talks about working habits that hold us back and shares insights on how mindset can help you work less and accomplish more not just at work but also in life.


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Yvonne Dam is a business coach for people who have too little time and crave a more profitable business. Through her ‘Be the CEO of her life program’, and private coaching, she’s here to help you double your profits — while making it all feel like a breeze. Getting you to drastically reduce your working hours.

Stop working 24/7, bring back the fun and ease in your business, and get ready to double your profits at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

By David Shriner-Cahn Featuring Yvonne Dam.

We discuss:

  • A good starting point to start your own business [1:46]
  • How to find your golden thread [4:38]
  • Engaging with your clients first: a time-saving strategy for entrepreneurs [6:10]
  • The one thing that makes a difference when going solo [8:23]
  • The funny thing about removing 75% of your profit source [11:48]
  • The strengths that will help your business flourish [15:04]
  • Opportunity as a question of combination [18:48]

Entrepreneur and CEO, Yvonne Dam, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. She shares her story on leaving the corporate world as an executive to launch her career into entrepreneurship as the CEO of a coaching and consulting agency, where she helps other executives find organization and focus in the middle of a busy, stressful career.


This episode I sit with Yvonne Dam – Business and Life Couch.

Her work stands out, as I constantly are seeing testimonials.

She listens intensively and helps you become your own CEO.

In this episode, we get to speak with Yvonne Dam. Helping driven business owners to double their turnover not their hours by 1:1 online coaching. She coaches you to do a bucket load of work in very little time, so you can grow your business at your own pace and go to the pub with your mates afterward. Yvonne Dam is a recovering workaholic. She spent the largest part of her career working all hours of the day until a burnout stopped her. She quit her job, to continue elsewhere. Until she discovered how to optimize her performance through a combination of goal setting, extreme focus, and bringing fun back into the equation. She became the CEO of her life and started Amaze Yourself coaching.

Having visual clutter around the home, not just in your wardrobe really drags you down. So this week I invited Yvonne Dam to join me to talk about easy ways to declutter your life so you feel more productive, less stressed, lighter and have more time for the important things in life.

Does it seem like you have too little time, too much to do and feel overwhelmed? And yet you keep on pushing on but making little progress?

In today’s episode, I am joined by business coach Yvonne Dam of Amaze-Yourself. We talk about becoming the CEO of our lives, how we get things done and free up time. And maybe if we’re in business, how we stop working 24/7, bring back the fun & ease in your business and get ready to double our turnover.

This is a feature length interview episode with Yvonne Dam, we talk about her corporate career, which is fascinating. She has worked in tax and management consultant in 4 different country’s.

We then go deep in her coaching business, this is a deep dive conversation about how she is an effective coach. Yvonne talks about being ‘CEO of your life’, I have learnt so much from Yvonne and I’m sure you will in this conversation too.

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