Image of Yvonne Dam, Execuvtive Business Coach, sitting on white couch in contemplative thought

Work Less, Earn More, LIVE BETTER

Strategy Aligned with Action, Ease, and Results


Embrace life. Make sure to have time to enjoy life. Let me share a little about me.

I love to work.. friends, relax, and work out. I like to have it all, running a thriving business, being an amazing mum and partner, as well as taking care of me. Having enough time to slow down when I need or want to, and these days I can.

That was not always the case; I used to be a workaholic, working day and night. Struggling to find the right balance. Even till the point that I suffered from a burnout. I then decided to start minimizing and do less of everything. This worked but was boring, so as soon as I regained energy I said yes to everything and everyone again. Draining my energy, and making me land in a vicious circle.

Until I discovered what it was that made me lose my balance, my energy each time: I did not say yes to only those things Í wanted and needed, I said yes to all. Most of the times I did not even take myself into account whilst agreeing to something. As soon as I started to say yes to only those things I wanted and needed, my energy levels and fun improved significantly.

What a revelation to discover this: saying yes to all and still being in balance is possible.

I had to learn this in the corporate world, and then again in my business. As a business owner I had to learn how to attract clients with ease, without working hard.

Now, I can finally say I am a recovering workaholic.

The recovery has helped me tremendously and given me: freedom, focus and makes me feel good about myself. It allows me to get more done in less time and improved my relationships. But above all I have more energy and am in balance, allowing me to work as little as I want and still fully enjoy my family, friends and other fun elements of life.


I do what I love, and I have a passion for life

After 25 years in senior corporate positions, 7 careers, and 5 countries of doing what I do best, coaching.

  • INTERNATIONAL TAX LAWYER – At one of the top 3 global audit firms. Started as an intern, became a full-time employee and graduated after 7 years evening study.
  • PWC – In the Netherlands, the USA, South Africa and the UK. From Finance to HR and change/perfomance management.
  • GLOBAL NOMAD – I worked all over the world and lived in 5 countries on three continents (so far).
  • COACHING CERTIFICATION – I am certified in life, career and business coaching.
  • FAMILY – Means everything to me, my love, my daughter and Bubbles my French Bulldog.
  • AMAZE YOURSELF – My coaching business, the name chosen as my clients always amaze themselves.


Freedom, Respect, and Positivity are my three core values.

Freedom is also why I started Amaze Yourself. Once I discovered how liberating it is to take back control, things changed. Making decisions purely based on what I want and need, no longer feels selfish and I can do this guilt-free and without shame.
The funny thing is, doing that has boosted my success enormously. By just being me, and choosing for what I want. That is what total freedom looks like to me.

I know how hard it is, to choose for what you really want; and to even discover what it is you really want. As we are so often trapped in other people’s expectations, without us even knowing it. Whether it is the rat race we find ourselves in or doing everything to please our loved ones, it ultimately doesn’t help us.
And when you then step by step move forward to taking back control, determining where you want to go just by taking into account what you need, you feel liberated.
This ultimate feeling of freedom is what I would like so many more people to experience.
That is my mission: showing you that you don’t have to work 24/7 to be successful. Letting you experience the ultimate freedom by helping you achieve your definition of success.