If you’re eager to draw in more customers, one thing should shine above all: the unique value you provide.

It’s not just about knowing your value – it’s about how you bring it across.


Let’s break down your value proposition into the key 4 elements:

  1. Desired Outcomes: Your service must fulfill their aspirations and solve their pressing issues.
  2. Proven Success: Demonstrate the consistent results you’ve achieved and the satisfaction of your past clients through testimonials and social proof.
  3. Speed of Delivery: The swiftness with which you fulfill your promises can set you apart – the faster, the more impressive.
  4. Simplicity of Experience: How seamlessly your clients can achieve these results. Think of how Amazon revolutionizes shopping with its one-click purchase and rapid Prime delivery (unless you’re in Spain 😉, it seems).

The goal is to amplify the first two and reduce the latter two elements.



Many businesses focus heavily on the first two, with increasingly audacious claims (which can become a tad overbearing, like those “reach your next 7 figures in 6 easy steps” promises).



You can truly resonate with your audience by emphasizing the efficiency and simplicity of your service.



How swift is your delivery? How effortless is the journey to results?

👉Let me know what your answers are; I’m eager to hear from you on this.👈




Wishing you an amazing rest of your day with lots of rest and relaxation. If you feel like taking a break and getting away from it all, I highly recommend you join us here in beautiful and sunny Spain – for the Moreness retreat. Read all about it here, or simply leave a comment to chat with me!

You’re amazing and don’t you forget about it! 


Be the CEO of your life, work smart, earn more,



Yvonne Dam

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