In the fast-paced world of business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what seems important without critically evaluating its true significance.


Business owners and entrepreneurs move and work fast, always thinking that what they are doing right now is most important, but when you think that EVERYTHING is important the days become awfully long, your stress mounts, and the multitude of balls that you are juggling become too much for one person to handle.


Yes, even you!


Confusing busyness for productivity


I know this from personal experience because I was once just like that, not prioritizing, examining the “true” importance, and confusing busyness for productivity.


It’s an easy trap to fall into with potentially dire results.


Everything was important, nothing could be outsourced, delegation was minimal, and it was all on my shoulders.


It didn’t work, and I was nearly burned out.

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What’s less significant than you think


Here are some things that may look to be important in your business but perhaps are less significant than you think:


Short-term results versus long-term sustainability: 

The Illusion of Importance. What’s Important May Not Be What You Think.Because business owners and entrepreneurs are often impatient, the pursuit of short-term gains can sometimes overshadow the importance of long-term sustainability. Immediate gratification can feel so good; however, this type of “win” can lead to neglecting other important, yet less enticing, parts of the business. Taking a long-term approach is important for effective scaling and sustained success.


Busy work versus productivity: 

When you’re always “busy,” you don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to assess the results of your endeavors. Endless meetings, over-the-top networking, and other daily activities can “feel” fulfilling but don’t necessarily translate into your bottom line. Consider what drives your growth and adds value. Delegate, streamline, and prioritize should be your mantra!


Popularity versus substance: 

Social media has all of us checking our “stats” regularly. Followers, engagement, likes, and comments are talked about with great passion; revenue stats can excite. However, profitability may not be taken into consideration, and all manner of “vanity” statistics take center stage while the more meaningful numbers that are truly indicative of accomplishments and sustainable growth aren’t looked at as closely.


Draft your personal strategy to crush the remainder of 2023 

Overall, it’s essential to step back and look at the big picture. Scaling your business requires focusing on what really matters in the long term. The rest can be delegated, outsourced, or put aside for another time.

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Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,



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Yvonne Dam

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