Do you need to do the work yourself because your assistant is so busy? Delegate it anyway – you’re worth it.


Feel like raising your prices, as you haven’t done this in a long time, but you don’t want to upset your recurring clients? Do it anyway – you’re worth it.


Do you love a clean home, but you absolutely hate cleaning? And you love nothing better than to get a cleaning service, although your partner doesn’t think it is needed? Then, do it anyway – you’re worth it.


Would you like some help with all the technical aspects of your company, as it is not your forte even though how to do it? Hire help – you’re worth it.


Do you want to drop those complicated sales techniques? 

No longer want to do endless networking?

Ready to change your sales strategy?

Want to go hiking in the middle of the day?

Feel like a holiday even when it’s not the time?


Need a break?

Whatever you need, and you feel like you can’t do – but you’d love to do – Do it anyway –


Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,


PS This Wednesday, May 17th @ 12 PM NYC, 17:00 London, 18:00 Barcelona, we’re hosting a Mastermind with Hotseat with the topic “Growing your business to the next level, how do you become the strategic CEO?” – there are only two seats left if you want to join  state “YES” and one of these seats is yours.

Yvonne Dam

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