Let’s say you’ve had enough of working those long hours in the office, and your goal is to be home early, as from now on. As the amount of work, unfortunately, has not miraculously vanished, this means you will need to change your habits. You’ll either need to start to learn how to say no, delegate or become more productive to get more done in less time. It might even be a combination of all three.

Does this ring a bell? Is this something you’ve already tried before perhaps, without succeeding?


Getting to change something in your life, mastering a new habit is never easy.


When you want to change something in your life, you need to do something different as to what you have been doing so far. You need to develop a new habit, which does not come naturally to us. Therefore, I am sharing 3 tips with you, to make this change easy and doable. The steps are often referred to as the 3-D’s.


Decision: first make the decision to develop this new habit. Make sure it is what YOU really want and you are passionate about achieving your goal. If there is no passion, you’ll fall back into your old habit, as soon as it becomes a bit more difficult.



Discipline: second, discipline yourself to practice the principles you are about to learn over and over until they become automatic. As the desired habit is new, you’ll need to deliberately choose it every time, until this happens on autopilot. You may understand, this will take a while, that is why you need the third step.


Determination: and third, back everything you do with determination until the habit is locked in and becomes a permanent part of your personality. Don’t give up. It is not about falling down, which is inevitable, it is about getting up again to keep going.



Each of these 3 steps is crucial in mastering a new habit. Often we forget the first step, to actually and full-heartedly decide that this is what you want to do; to feel passionate about it and to allow yourself to really go for it. Then discipline, whoever has tried to lose weight once, knows how difficult mastering a new habit, like healthy eating, is. Which is where also determination comes in, you need to stick with it. Keep going, even when you feel like giving up.


Would you love someone to help you get going? This is something I love to do, so drop me an email today @ yvonne@amaze-yourself.com, and I will provide you with some amazing personalised tips.


Online-life-coach-Online-life-coaching-Life-coaching-online1Yvonne Dam is an online life coach and career coach who helps busy, ambitious people to enjoy life. She helps them to focus on what matters in their lives and careers, in order to make more money and achieve more freedom! After feeling trapped in the corporate world, Yvonne decided to do more of what she loved and found the more she chose to do what she wanted, the happier she became. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to pause your busy life for a moment and download some happy vibes? Get my FREE eBook and feel happy! 





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