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“Be the CEO
Your Life”
for Business Owners

Business coaching for the driven business owner who’s eager to successfully enhance their business and be proud of their achievement!

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Be the CEO of your Life Coaching is for the driven business owner who is eager to bring their business to the next level and desires to see more results from all the work they put in. You wake up in the morning thinking about the day ahead. You don’t feel as energetic as you did - not like when you first started your company. But, lately, you have begun to wonder more and more whether things can’t be different? Easier and simpler. You’re wondering why you have to work so hard - with marginal effect. You’re ready to see a change in your business. A positive change, and a prosperous one.

Who needs it?

Do you believe in yourself?
Do you wish to have everything in place and feel great about it too?

Be the CEO of your Life Coaching is for the driven business owner who is eager to bring their business to the next level and desires to see more results from all the work they put in.

You wake up in the morning thinking about the day ahead. You don’t feel as energetic as you did - not like when you first started your company. But, lately, you have begun to wonder more and more whether things can’t be different? Easier and simpler.

You’re wondering why you have to work so hard - with marginal effect. You’re ready to see a change in your business. A positive change, and a prosperous one.

You are ready to get your name out there, to be seen by your clients.

You are eager for all the work you’ve put in earlier and all the work you’re putting in now, to see that converting into more clients, and ultimately more time for yourself.

You are eager to elevate your business and generate more income from your company. So, you are wishing to make the whole set-up more straightforward, more easier to navigate, and (especially) with fewer hours to put in.

You are SOOOO DONE with working all the time, starting project after project without seeing the promised results appearing for you.

You are ready to bring your business to the next level without embarking on another new project.

Imagine If...

Instead of you putting in all the hours, without seeing the promised outcomes materialize (wasting time, money, and energy), you were able to implement a personalized strategy that brings in the desired results.

You have a strategy in place that actually helps you to grow your business to that next level.
You still take action, but instead of doing all the projects, you know exactly what you need to do to bring in more clients and get the results you’re after.
You finally get recognized for the value you put out; being able to help more people as you envisioned you would.

It’s designed for people just like you who are done with hopping from one project to the next and are ready to call themselves the CEO of their business and their lives.

Apply for 6 months of personalized coaching in my “Be the CEO of Your Life” coaching program that helps even the most stressed-out business owner turn things around and start building their business up without working more.

The “Be the CEO of Your Life” program consists of personalized coaching designed to help you establish your business, without working more hours.

Programs: “Be the CEO of Your Life” for Business Owners is for the business owner who wants to optimize their business and see more results

I am Yvonne Dam.

I am here to help you set up your business foundation for further successes.

Breaking Free

I went from being a drained workaholic to being the CEO of my life. Working in leadership positions within multinationals for years, I was drilled into working hard, and continuously, until I burnt out.

That’s when I decided - no more! It took me 15 years to beat my work addiction.

A profound change happened within myself and my business!

My Journey

I established my business by bringing my brand to life; and it’s completely and unapologetically me!

My journey to building a successful business, took many long and windy paths, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way before I finally found focus.

Let me show you how you can do it without the mistakes – let me show you the successful shortcuts. We will strengthen your business foundations together so that you’ve got everything in place to forge ahead as a proud business owner.

I have made it my mission to show you that you don’t have to work 24/7 to get the results you’re after.

I am the CEO of my business and my life. That’s what I wish for you as well.
Let me show you how.

You need this

Did you start your business with a passion and drive, but it’s not as established as you want it to be? Or do you have a side-hustle next to your corporate job, and are now eager to put your business on the map?

The “Be the CEO of Your Life” program is for you if you are:
Done with doing it all, but not seeing the results you’re after?
Keen on upgrading your business to another level altogether.
Doing your best work, but you are not seen as the expert yet. You don’t have a signature program and haven’t zoomed in 100% on your chosen speciality.
Ready to embark on a strategy that works; a mindset that builds you up, and eager to implement a lasting change.
A committed goal-getter and action-taker. You know you’ve got what it takes!
Tired of endless running around and spending time on yet another thing.
Looking for a proper strategy to avoid wasting your time, and moral support along the way.
Ready to go for it!

Does this sound like you? Then I can help you become the CEO of your Business and your Life. I can help you to establish your business, while saving time and putting you back in control!

Let me join forces with you on your journey to Amazing things!

Not for you

This program is as much strategy as its mindset work.

The “Be the CEO of Your Life” program is not for you if:
You know you want to start a business, but haven’t done it yet as you’re unclear on your offering
You are making more than USD$5K through your business each month.
You are not willing to work on creating a strategic mindset.


You know your clients need you and are waiting for you - all you have to do is let them know you’re here for them.

This is what joining the “Be the CEO of Your Life” PERSONALIZED coaching gets you:

  • A business that’s properly set up, with clarity around what you offer and to whom, making your business recognizable in the market.
  • Quickly attracting new business and easily onboard clients.
  • A personalized strategy which helps you maintain focus and delivers ideal clients without working endless hours.
  • All the support in the implementation of this strategy to ensure you see your desired results showing up.
  • A growth mindset that gets you through the moments where your beliefs start wavering.


Are you ready for this change? Amaze yourself! Let me help you ignite your passion and drive your business into the success you know it can achieve!

Mark Hayward

Program Reviews

I worked with Yvonne to develop my coaching program, I found her
deeply knowledgeable in both coaching and marketing. I enjoyed
working with her because she gave great insight into developing my
program. There was a great rapport with us and this was due to her
personality which was generous and easy going.
"In our sessions, I found that I was getting coming to conclusions easily
but this was due to Yvonne asked the right questions at the right time.
Her experience gave me tools and techniques which is helping me
move my program forward.The sessions were well planned and there was ease in her coaching
style which made it enjoyable and impactful. I would recommend her to
any coach or entrepreneur.

~ Start up and Business Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Property Investor


Here’s how the program works…

During this unprecedented coaching program, we’ll work together via Zoom calls and several written assignments.


STEP 1:  Set up your personalized strategy

  • We start with getting clear on what your financial and personal goals are.
  • How many clients you need to achieve those goals, and how much you prefer to work.
  • We create a strategy for you to easily achieve these goals without working more.

You obtain focus, so there is finally no more need to ‘do it all’.

STEP 2:  What do you want to be known for?

  • In the next step we figure out what you’re great at when you’re using your unique gifts
  • what your clients love and what you love to sell more of – and then we make it happen.

By identifying your strengths and adjusting your business to make the most use of these, doing business will take significantly less effort and be much less tiresome.


STEP 3: How to attract your dream clients

  • We work on figuring out exactly who you love working with the most and how to attract them consistently.
  • Prior to the session, you’ll work on an assignment with questions that help you to solidify who your dream client is and how you can attract this specific type of person.

This means you stop doing ‘all the things’, and you get to focus on the one method that works for YOU.

STEP 4: Set up your business for success


  • We further analyze the way you do things now and figure out what steps you need to take to make processes shorter, more fluent and less time-consuming while giving MORE value to your client.
  • After we’ve implemented these four initial strategic, hands-on steps, we can then focus on the longer-term implementation and mindset.

We make sure the changes so far are sustainable and feel great to you!


STEP 5: Letting go of limiting ideas and thoughts

  • The next step helps you to let go of any blocks that prevent you from stepping into your next level of success.
  • We will work on a deep level on the blocks that unknowingly hold you back.
  • We will use tools to deal with and eliminate that nagging inner voice that tells you “you can’t do this”.

Whether it’s your upbringing, an earlier bankruptcy, burn out or something else, we’ll look into earlier experiences to set you free from unconscious behavior’s.

 STEP 6: Making yourself a priority

  • Being there for others is easy, but doing something you want to? On your own or with family and friends? Too selfish. You learn tools that will help you relax.
  • You’ll make time for yourself; you will become a priority again and be able to switch off from work guilt-free.

We will make You Feel Amazing!


STEP 7:  Looking Ahead 

  • Lastly, we will define the next steps and action items that feel good to you.
  • You’ll have a clear and detailed plan that identifies all of your next steps in your business, as well as the routines that will get you there.

You are now able to look into the future and know you’ll reach your financial goals with ease and flow.

Overview of all coaching sessions for “The Be The CEO of Your Life” Program:

  • Six months of personalized group coaching.
  • Groups are not larger than 3 people
  • Individual Kick-off session of 3 hours to set up your strategy.
  • 11 x bi-weekly Zoom group sessions of 1.5 hours.
  • Continued personal access to me and your group members for questions, support, inspiration, and brain-picking through Voxer.
  • Personalized tools and assignments to accelerate your results.
  • All recorded coaching sessions and assignments stored in your Personalized Online Academy, with life-time access.

What do you invest?

  • Six months: At pre-arranged dates/times


  • Mon-Fri :  Unlimited access to me via Voxer throughout the program to ask me anything, at any time.


  • Weekends: Are for us to walk the talk and have champagne, chill, and experience quality time with our families.
  • Investment: 6,750 USD. Return on this is expected in full, within the first few months of the program, if not sooner. A payment plan is available. Monthly payments of 1,250 USD over six months can be discussed.

Program Reviews

Apply to Join

If you’re ready to step into your CEO role and successfully establish your business without working more, apply to become a member and start your personalized coaching.  New program enrollment starts in March 2022. There is a waiting list! So don’t postpone. Make the change. Amaze Yourself!

I look forward to hearing from you. Email me with any questions.