Do you stay in touch with your clients after your services end?

I do, and so often, I get blown away by the results.

Yesterday, I visited my client, my first ‘Be the CEO of your life’ coaching participant. At the end of our sessions, he capped his income growth simply because his premises were too small.

I now saw what he moved into, over 3x as large, with staff helping him and more business growth. His highest income month in this business.

It makes me so happy! He did this!

And then I got a message this morning from another client whose business is booming and is about to become a best-selling author. It makes my heart sing.

I so so love it.

They do it all themselves, yet I know I contributed, and that makes me so happy.

So yes, I stay in contact with my clients after our coaching ends. So I can cheer them on and celebrate their success.

Do you?

Be the CEO of your life, get coaching, and grow your business!


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Be the CEO of your life episode 50(!) of 365

Yvonne Dam

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