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                                          Be the CEO of YOUR life

If you’re not working, you’re thinking about work. You tend to check your phone first thing upon waking up in the morning, and last thing before you go to sleep. Even when you’re ‘relaxing’,  you find that  you’re thinking about some aspect of your business. How do you become the ceo of your dream life?

You are always ‘switched on’ – even when you are on holiday or spending time with family at the weekend. Work is always on your mind, and while you don’t necessarily think this is a ‘bad thing’ right now, you understand that it is not ideal for the long term and you would prefer to be able to switch off sometimes.

Your business is currently doing well in the sense that you have a respectable number of clients and making a reasonable amount of money.

However, you want to make more money each month – at least double what you’re already making – but you feel like you’re so busy with your current work that you wouldn’t be able to take on any extra clients to reach your financial targets.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

Become the ceo of your life
Be the CEO of your life

You know that the obvious answer to this is to explore outsourcing some aspects of your business and streamlining other areas, but you’re not great at relinquishing control and may have been called a ‘control freak’ at points in your life.

Perhaps you’ve invested in several freelancers in order to share the load, but didn’t find the quality you were after, and as such found it too difficult to hand over control. You would love to have your own qualified team in place that delivers the service level you’re after (but can’t afford this just now).

Start taking back control 

You value quality in your business and being the absolute best version of yourself for your clients, but often wonder whether the fact that you’re working so hard and so often to keep everything afloat is causing the quality of your work to deteriorate. It would be devastating to you if a client was unhappy with your service – after all, you are fantastic at what you do, and that’s why you’re so busy with your client work.

Be the CEO of YOUR life

By working with me, you will at least double your turnover while drastically reducing your hours, and you’ll see very rapid, positive changes in the way you run your business and the money you’re able to make within just the first month of us working together.

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These are the results you get from working with me:

  • You will at least double your turnover while drastically reducing your hours, and you’ll see very rapid, positive changes in the way you run your business and the money you’re able to make within just the first month of us working together.

  • As well as the hugely beneficial financial and time-saving outcomes, you’ll find that you’re approaching your work feeling much more relaxed, composed and calm, which will translate into your marketing efforts and this will, in turn, help you attract a higher quality of client – whether you believe it or not!

  • Every single one of my clients first came to me thinking that they couldn’t possibly double their income whilst reducing their working hours and feeling more relaxed and chilled out on the whole, and I have proven every single one of them wrong!

Here’s how you become the CEO of YOUR Life

During the programme which is frankly unparalleled, we’ll work together via several written assignments and Zoom calls – which you can record and keep – for 12 weeks. The first month we focus on strategy, during weekly calls. Thereafter, for 8 weeks, we work on implementation and mindset with bi-weekly calls. 

Further coaching details

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The investment for this offer is 6K GBP / 8K USD which I expect you to make back in full within the first few weeks of the programme, if not sooner.

The right person for this programme will at minimum double their turnover and reduce their working hours in their first month of working with me when they implement everything to their fullest efforts.

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Yvonne Dam - Life Coach

My name is Yvonne Dam. I have worked for over 25 years in senior positions at multinationals. Within Finance, HR, Sales and Change Management. My specialism is mindset and diversity – how to best use your unique strengths.

Working 24/7, putting the client first always, that was my working style. Then I started my own business, in coaching, my dream come through.

Little did I know that I would possibly even work harder. Until one morning, I woke up and decided I had enough. I changed the set up of my company, simplified, focused more and with that profit boosted. But more importantly for me, I brought back the fun ánd reduced my working hours, with more than 40%.

I love what I do again, and my business is thriving. All this knowledge and experience, I am paying forward through my 1:1 coaching. Interested? Book your Focus Call here. 

What others say about working with me:

I made my business more profitable and scalable

After a few weeks of working together, I attracted two retainer clients who delivered me £5,000 cash. My turnover went up from an intermittent £8,000 per month to £17,500 per month. Shortly after we finished working together, I hired a team of four amazing people and was no longer ‘forced’ to use freelancers with a lower service level.


I quadrupled my income

My income went from £1,000 to £4,000 per month while I reduced my working hours by at least 20%. This is down to the renewed clarity and focus you taught me. After our first session, everything started to flow. I made myself a priority, finally went on vacation and booked myself on the course I had wanted to do for ages. Now I am more in control and determine what I work on; I no longer feel the need to do it all.


I feel back in control and earn 13x more

After the first coaching session, I 13x my turnover and banked £1320 in a day, rather than the usual £120 I’d been used to up until this point. I went from one client a week to eight clients per week. I feel “back in control over my agenda, to-do list and I have more free time. There is more flow in my entire life”.

Daphne van de Werken | Onderwijspraktijk Werkbaar

I went from £o to £7,000

After just two coaching sessions, I was able to sell my upgraded signature programme for £7,000 to my dream client. This after months of no sales at all. I was at ease by finally doing what I love to do and working with my dream clients, which pay well. Because I am now doing what I love, I was able to stop all other energy-draining activities.


My earnings went up by 148%

I increased my turnover by 148% from £21,000 to £52,000 in the first four weeks of working together. Perhaps more importantly to me, I dramatically reduced my working hours. I’m no longer working every night and each weekend; instead, I’ve taken up sports again, and I enjoy my time off. 


By focusing more, I tripled my turnover.

When we started to work together, I had set up my copywriting business, had just finished a universal degree, and written a children’s book. You might understand that focus was nowhere to be found. Out of fear for insufficient income, I wrote “everything for everyone”.

Working together has helped me focus, make conscious decisions, and have given me 3 times as much turnover. I even had a waiting list!

Monique Zegveld | Bureau Monique Zegveld

I brought my hours back to only 20 a week

When we started working together I set a clear goal, double my income, not my hours. I reached that goal within 2 months. My working hours were reduced to 20 hours a week. I went from working as a VA, with subsequent fees, to performing as an online business manager, with various programmes. For all programmes I launched, I immediately and effortlessly attracted clients.

I’ve learned so much, how to see the value I deliver and to charge for it, and how to attract clients. But also the importance of taking rest to boost my productivity.

Eline Landgraf | Getting structured

Finally started charging for all the work I did

I had too much work and too little time. I had a desire to do it differently, but no clue how and no time to figure it out on my own. Yvonne helped me realise that I was giving away a lot of value and time and that I was trying to squeeze in 12 hours in an 8-hour workday.

My turn-around came when I started charging for all the extra work I did, between 20-50% of my time per assignment. I now know that this is what makes me unique, which adds a lot of value for my clients, who are happily paying for this.

Nicole Minneboo | Minneboo fotografie

I immediately attracted clients for my new service offering

While working together, I was made to look at what I excel in. I was encouraged to embrace myself completely, quirks and all. Something that I hadn’t dared doing before.

Within a few weeks, I realised that I have been coaching my whole life; which I never valued, nor charged for, before. With your encouragement, I started this new service offering. I soon had clients who were very satisfied with their results. As a consequence, I have been able to double and almost triple my prices in the meantime.

My clients are very enthusiastic about my new service offering, and so am I.

Beatrice Boots | Beatrice Boots

You have amazed me

You amazed me with the results I got after giving me the tool of mind mapping all that I do; to find out the glue that holds it all together.

So what was the result?

I found out that I can make a much bigger impact in the world if I don’t limit myself to my travels with women on which they grow, gain confidence, and love themselves more; but also do this work closer by coaching them to do the same!

Thank you so much for your positive and loving ways to make me see how much potential I have.

Beatrice Boots | Beatrice Boots

I am ready to be the CEO of my Life too – Let’s talk