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Time to silence that inner voice

I had the most amazing experience with a client who had been carrying the weight of a broken family relationship for so long. She wanted to feel whole again..

She was told “always be responsible”

We did an intuitive coaching session in which she discovered that the story her mom always used to tell her: “be smart”, “be responsible”, “do not do anything foolish now” has had such an impact on her life..


And she did what she was told, even..

She became the responsible person she ought to be. Very serious, reliable and trustworthy. But there is also another side of her: spontaneous, artistic, fun and humorous.. which she almost never showed. She wanted to, but that voice –the be responsible voice, was always stronger.


She needed to change her believes

So we looked at the convictions and beliefs she had. The things she now had started telling herself over and over again. And we changed it. We changed her belief system.


Yvonne Dam life and career coach to enjoy life and silence that inner voice


Time to free herself

She has been crying, now allowing herself to feel the tugged away pain, the emotions running through. All part of a clearing process. The art of letting go… Time to embrace the whole person and no more just the responsible one, but also the funny one.


An amazing transformation has been the result

The transformation has been amazing and I am humbled by this experience. I just love my work. She texted me she felt like this heavy weight had been lifted off her shoulders. How it still felt strangely new but liberated. Each day she took further steps towards her freedom, feeling great and whole again.


Are you ready to let go of that inner voice?

Are you ready to let go of that inner voice? Do you feel you no longer need what has been said to you over and over again? Ready to do things your way?

But do you struggle to get there on your own? Register here and I will provide you with tips to make a change. To start feeling free again and like the great person I know you are! Leave me a comment and share your thoughts! I love to hear from you.


Yvonne Dam is a life and career coach. She started her coaching career as a way out of feeling stuck. Working a full-time job and juggling all the time and every time, she always felt she was somehow disappointing someone. Most of the times herself. It changed when she started to make decisions based on what she felt was right for her, choosing what she really wanted. a whole world opened up. No more guilt, no more stress, no more time pressure. Instead: hello freedom, money and time. This is what she helps you with from feeling stuck to feeling free so you start enjoying your life and career more. 

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