Hiring a coach can save you so much money and time.

Today I had a coaching session with my client, and we spoke about their offering, what makes them unique.

This is something they’ve been offering for a while already and are pretty darn good in it too.

But when we went over it together today, and they told me the process -it didn’t light me up. But, yet, when they said to me with sparks in their eyes what they did for the client, I could see and feel it.

Almost immediately, we had their signature program set-up, in a very appealing way. I could feel it, my client could feel it, and because of that, they saw their own value clearly, too.

Had we not gone over this in detail, detailing all the crazy good services they offer, there would not be such an appealing offer, nor would it have been offered for the value it’s worth.

That’s why coaching is invaluable to me – it brings out those things you can’t do on your own. It saves you time and money, and heck, it makes it all a whole lot more fun!

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Yvonne Dam

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