How do you create me-time? Taking some time out, just for you?! Here is how I do it.
I love going to the hairdressers. It is my day out. I visit a hairdresser in City London Centre, whilst I live in South East London, so it takes me an hour to get there. The treatment itself is 3 (!!) hours and then back again.


But because I am in the City and miss lunch I also take the opportunity to grab a bit to eat and perhaps some shopping as well. All in all, it takes a day. I go on Saturdays. This means a day without swimming lessons, grocery shopping or birthday parties. Not that I mind that, not at all I intensely enjoy our pub lunches on Saturday (making up for the fact that we watched 50 kids in a pool in a cramped waiting area where it is 40 degrees and all the siblings who are too small are kept busy by looking at children’s rhymes like the wheels on the bus – on replay for 10 times at least) and our family time.


And sometimes I intensely enjoy ME-time. Some time JUST FOR ME! Taking a time out latterly. In all fairness it is so much the hairdresser as watching yourself up and close in a mirror for 3 hours with gooey stuff on your head, is not my idea of fun. But the fact that it allows me to read, write or chat with friends as well as the hairdresser while I am there, amazing. The head massage and the hair wash, yes anytime! It is relaxing I am not rushing I can just be. I can just be me.


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I used to feel bad, for running off almost a full day. But the fact that I am a natural brunette, who has decided that life is more fun as an almost natural blonde does require my regular visits. Somehow a dark hair growth always looks very trendy and fashionable for other ladies. When I look in the mirror with that dark line shining through all I see is a Zebra. So every six weeks, I have arranged my own personal me-time half a day.


As I am a successful entrepreneur, a mom, lovely wife, friend, daughter and colleague I juggle. I juggle with keeping all the plates high. So now and I again I just need to be me, Yvonne Dam and nothing else. That is why I value my hairdresser and for now keep being an almost natural blonde.


What about you? How do you create me-time? Do you manage? Or are you struggling like I used to do? If so, I have got something great for you: the checklist that shows 7 ways to create ME-time. It’s waiting for you, download now and before you know it you can sit back and relax.. just be!


Enjoy your me-time, I know I will. If you would like to receive more tips on how to create me-time, click here. 


Amaze Yourself.




Yvonne Dam

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