What if? The best antidote against worrying

Do you ever ask yourself what if [insert what you would like to be true]?

We often worry.

Worry about:

– not having enough time
– having too much to do
– where the clients are coming from
– whether any great paying clients will come
and so on.

And before you know it, you talk yourself into the ground. You go from being worried to being annoyed and getting depressed.

Now there is a simple antidote.

Ask yourself the opposite.

Not state, because your brain will find reasons why it can’t happen. Instead, ask yourself, what if it did work? And your brain will find reasons why it indeed will work.

It will lift you up instantly and show you new possibilities.

Tell me what you think or join me live to discuss this in detail with me.

#coaching #gettingthingsdone #productivity

Yvonne Dam

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