RE: What’s your zone of genius? 


Working from your zone of genius doesn’t feel like work; it’s as if time doesn’t exist. You’re so good at this work that you even feel amazed that people are willing to pay you for doing what you love to do.


My client R. came to me when they were deeply emerged in their corporate career. 


Stuck in the Golden Handcuffs


Bringing home 6-figures yearly ensured they kept putting in the hours because the fun and joy they once felt had left them a long time ago. The requirements of their job became more demanding per month. It required they’d put in 14-hour workdays non-stop; while being a single parent. 


On the side, they’d started their own company, and over the years that had started making traction. It wasn’t enough for them to quit their 9-5 yet, but they wanted to. That’s why they came to me. We worked on a signature program and set up the business more professionally. After 3 months of coaching, they quit their soul-sucking career and went full-in on their business. 


Going from $1,500 to $16,000 per month


Within 1 year, their income had turned to $16,000 per month and new clients were waitlisted. They knocked on my door again. Too much work and too little time. 


We’re now coming to the real issue at hand – allowing yourself to work from your zone of genius. 


Your zone of genius, is where your work doesn’t feel like work. You could do it all day, and not get bored. Time flies and you simply feel joy when you’re in this zone. You’re not just good at it, but it is a gift.



Time doesn’t exist and money comes easy

Too often we abandon our zone of genius, and we fall back to our zone of competence where we’re good at what we do and we do it well. But we do get bored, it can feel like it takes up a whole lot of our time and therefore we feel we don’t have enough time. The money, it’s good but you know it could be better. 


What’s your zone of genius?I love to get people to discover their zone of genius and better yet work from their zone of genius. Allowing and committing to having more fun, bringing back easy, and making great money while doing so.


How would that feel for you?


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Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,





Yvonne Dam

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