Work-life integration or work-life balance, whichever you prefer, is not some cliché but is something that you should, no MUST, think about carefully as you create and manage your life.


Your days can be hectic and filled with responsibilities (home and career), to-do’s (big and small), and obligations that must be fulfilled BUT, you should never forget that a life without fun can be sad indeed.


Sometimes I think that when people say the word fun, they do so in a disparaging manner, like they’re too important and busy for such a thing. It’s quite discouraging, really.


Fun –  it’s something immature.

Fun –  it’s something not worth discussing.

Fun – when there’s so much to do, fun can’t be part of the picture.

Ah, but there’s the problem. Eliminating fun from your life can make for a less fulfilling, joyous, and healthy existence.


Having fun is critical for our happiness, health, and wellbeing, so why would you consistently prioritize everything else but?

Exactly HOW you experience fun, and what you think is fun, is very personal. One person’s fun is another’s pain or, at best, a tedious activity to be endured.

“I have something good coming up soon that will help you to make TIME for fun. As that’s what I often hear, “I have no time for that!” Stay tuned. Especially when you want to hit the second half of the year- out of the park!”


For instance, some people consider running a marathon to be fun. Now, while I enjoy a brisk jog or walk, running a marathon is not something I would consider fun.


It’s a challenge, and I love challenges but fun, not so much.

Anyway, you get the idea.

The key is to figure out what you find to be fun and then make the time to do it, and therein may lie the challenge and a need to take a close look at:


How do you organize your days?

What are your priorities?

Do you have options that remain unexamined?

Can you eliminate, streamline, or outsource certain endeavors?

Could a coach help you to create the space for more fun?


You Should Never Be Too Busy to Have FunReading, writing, movies, eating, cooking, hanging out with friends, drawing, doing photography, and hiking, the list is endless but the important thing to remember is that you deserve to have this time for yourself.


Fun and happiness are essential for:

  • Relieving stress
  • Enhancing the creative thought process
  • Promoting increased productivity
  • Improving and strengthening relationships
  • Providing for better physical and mental health


Indeed, your success in your professional life can hinge on the fun you have.


Health and wellness, and along with that, FUN, are talked about quite a lot these days, but you will still read articles and posts about people burning out, relationships suffering, professional progress stalled, often because there is a lack of fun in his or her life.

Make fun as important as many of the other things you do, and don’t blithely say, “I’m too busy,” when a fun activity is brought to you.


Reflect on what you’re doing, it’s importance and timing, and only then can you think about pushing fun aside.

Don’t make giving up on fun your default position.


Give fun a chance!

Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,


PS:  Stay tuned for something that helps you create more time or, better yet, more money first to enjoy yourself more and have more fun!

Yvonne Dam

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