I know the feeling. 

Along with the critical responsibilities you’re dealing with right now, things like scaling your business, obtaining funding, and building the best team you can possibly have, you’re also handling tech issues, marketing campaigns, social media, and a host of other business “must do’s” that you feel are less important than the goal of business growth.


I know because I’ve walked in those very same shoes.

The reality is that sustainable growth requires action steps that must be doable.

Doable because action steps that are impossible to execute (and yes, I know the word “impossible is frowned upon, but I’m being realistic here) serve to discourage, demotivate, and destroy enthusiasm and momentum.


Here are practical tips that will help you to drive the growth you desire:

Do a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, taking a close look at your market, existing competition, and your competitive advantage, internal resources, timeline, and financial goals. 


Determine what short and long-term efforts will have the greatest impact on your company’s growth trajectory and determine the time sensitivity and importance.


Assess whether you have the internal resources to execute these initiatives. If not, you must consider your options, including:

  • Utilize the services provided by outsourced resources to assist in specific areas of your business
  • Hire full or part-time staff to take on and execute specific initiatives
  • Delegate work to existing employees

“Right now is the MOMENT when the necessity to prioritize and focus on the goal is most important.”

You've only got 6 more months... make it worthwhile

It is at this point that many business owners make a mistake that impedes their growth, that mistake being trying to do it all by themselves.

The obstacles to achieving success when doing everything on your own are formidable and include:

Dropping balls that are important to growth because of time and energy allocated to less important efforts.

Compromising your health and wellness by working too hard.


Undermining your life-work balance causing excess stress.

Losing your focus on the big picture because you’re so busy looking at the little details.


To steer clear of making this error:

  • Focus on the goal of sustainable business growth and prioritize what YOU will take on.


  • Don’t backslide. Take baby steps if you must but keep walking in the right direction.


  • Consider saying no to work that no longer fits the vision you have for your business.


  • Invest in technology or automation that can assist.


Strategic scaling requires you, the business owner to be comfortable and adept at prioritizing and to be laser focused on the priorities that you set.

Start now, and if you need help on setting your priorities and staying the course, give me a call.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,



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Yvonne Dam

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