In celebration of my Birthday, I’m sharing a special gift to help you crush the rest of 2023!


Do you often postpone your most important tasks?

Leaving you feeling drained at the end of the day, with work unfinished?


Most people struggle with their productivity and are quickly distracted.

Master your productivity and win back at least 5 hours each week with my bookFast Forward Focus: 4 Instant Results”.

Many business owners in my community find that this book has helped them “to go faster without feeling busy”.


If you want to learn the precise techniques and access the tools that I use to teach people how to slow down to speed up, then .  

Celebrate My Birthday with Me 

*BIRTHDAY BONUS save $5 and get “Fast Forward Focus: 4 Instant Results”, usually $15.99, for only $10.49. EXTRA BONUS I’m gifting you a 30-minute 1-on-1 session, where you can ask all you want about how to get more time back in your day

A 30-minute 1-on-1 session typically runs above $195. You get this $200 value – both the session and the book for only $10.49.  

Here’s one of many reader testimonials:

“Time, focus, stress, deadlines—challenges we all deal with in our private and professional lives. Yvonne shows you how to create time, to focus, to go faster without feeling busy, and to create your own deadlines in a manner that fits you. Logical steps that you can use to become more successful.”

Mark Derksen, Head of Talent Mobility EMEA/APAC at Uber

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Be the CEO of your life,


Yvonne Dam

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