Steps to take to become the CEO of your life

Looking to take back control and wanting to be the CEO of your life? Tune in on Monday, 28 June, and listen to the steps you need to take to become the CEO of your life.

1. Create a vision
2. Take full responsibility
3. Ask [yourself] powerful questions
4. Set goals
5. Determine what you say yes to and, more importantly, say no to
6. Create a strategy with an action plan
7. Get support
8. Be unapologetically you
9. Be impeccable with your word

Monday, I talk about how this process looks like, what you can do practically, and, more importantly, what it brings you.

Don’t be just the CEO of your business; make sure to be the CEO of your life too.


Start today; why wait?

Set a reminder for this powerful live show, so you can ask any questions you may have.

Monday 28 June @ noon (NYC), 17:00 (London), 11:00 (Austin), and 18:00 (The Hague)

Yvonne Dam

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