If you want to get ahead in life, your job or your business it is critical to be aware of the value you add through your Key Result Areas.

“What value do I add” or better said “Why am I on the payroll?” is one of the most important questions you can ever ask and answer. Even when you are a business owner yourself, it may be enlightening to answer it. And as an employee who wants to get ahead in his career, it is pivotal to either answer or get answered.

Why you are on the payroll, and what results you have been hired to accomplish, need to be crystal clear for you to perform at your best, get paid more and get promoted or attract new clients faster.


5 to 7 Key Result Areas in each job

Your job can be broken down into about five to seven key result areas, seldom more. These represent the results that you absolutely, positively have to get to fulfil your responsibilities and make your maximum contributions to your organisation.

For example, the key result areas of management are planning, organizing, staffing, delegating, supervising, measuring and reporting. In sales, these are prospecting, building rapport and trust, identifying needs, presenting persuasively, answering objections, closing the sale, and getting resales and referrals.

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What are your key result areas? 

The starting point of high performance is for you to identify the key result areas of your work. What are your key result areas?

Make a list of your most important output responsibilities. Review your list and reduce it to the key results you know you need to get your job done. This can include areas you feel you’re not good at. Areas you don’t like – but when they are critical to your job make sure to include them to your list.

Once you have written down, reviewed and reduced your list of themost important output responsibilities to the top 5 or 7 you have identified your key result areas.


This should be easy

These are easily written down when you are an enterpreneur. As an employee, you discuss these with your boss and make sure that the people above you, at the same level  and below you are in agreement.

People’s ability to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently largely determines their pay and promotability. Focus on your key result areas and work on those main drivers every day. All other tasks have less importance and you can procrastinate on those.

By bringing your focus onto the Key Result Areas, you will become more effective at your job and will achieve better results.


When it is not easy, get your FREE call booked in

Would you like to know what your Key Result Areas are? Do you struggle to come up with these yourself?  Request a free focus call with me today and I will share the method that gives you your Key Result Areas.  Simply reply to this email to get it arranged immediately. Click here and email me straight away. 


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