I just had put down the phone after speaking to my coach. It had given me some amazing insights and cleared up a few things, as always. 


Yes I have a coach

If it makes you wonder, why I –as coach- did I have (and still have) a coach? Think again. As a coach, I believe in the power of coaching that is why I love being coached. It is like a friend giving you good advice only a friend does not. Not really, she will never kick my butt like I need (do not get any weird ideas in your head now but I am a true believer of butt-kicking). Nor will she confront me with things I cannot see. She will support me and have my back. She will comfort me and feel for me. But I want to take action; I want to keep moving and rising so that is why I have a coach.


It kept on popping up – awkward!

Okay back to what I actually want to share with you. I have wanted to make a decision for a long time. I thought I had made a decision and even so, it keeps popping up in my head ALL the time. Do I focus on this product alone or on both products? So I was expecting my coach to tell me some very insightful tricks on how to make a decision, she did not. All she said was: you are not ready. You are not ready to let go, as otherwise, you would have known. Whatever the reason, you are not there yet. Keep going until you feel it is truly over.


How it ain’t over until it’s over

Immediately the song of Lenny Kravitz starts playing in my head: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” I remember my break-up after being in a relationship over 15 years. I felt terrible, I knew I had to move on but I could not. I could not imagine living a life on my own and be happy with it. I also must admit, the song gave me kind of hope that one day he would come to his senses and realise it was not actually over (which of course he did not).

Then after a while, the song lost it’s meaning and I moved on.

Focus on What Matters Most and Start Enjoying Your Life by Yvonne Dam Life Coach

I started to think about me for a change

What made the ultimate change for me, back then, as I know it will work for me now as well: I started to rediscover what it is that makes ME happy. What it is I truly want to do. I started making life choices based on my own instincts and no longer based on “what he may need or want or think or ask from me”, or even “what others may tell me I needed to do”.

I know what I want right now: to keep going with both options. I do not really want to give on one of them, I do not want to. I can easily come to this conclusion as I have gone through these motions many times now. I have changed my life for the better and I am truly enjoying every aspect of it, by starting to ask myself: what is it I really want?


How about you? You ready..?!

It is not always easy to rediscover what you really want or need.

Given that you are almost always surrounded by people who have their views for you: your colleagues, your clients, your family, your spouse and your friends, make it even more difficult. And let’s not forget: when you are on your own, there is always email and social media that paints a specific picture you may feel like you need to follow. But what is it you really want? To help you discover this and to get on the right track I have an amazing tool for you. Get it here!


Online-life-coach-Online-life-coaching-Life-coaching-online1About Yvonne Dam – I used to feel stuck and overwhelmed a lot of the time. I was working a full-time job, being a mom loving partner and rocking my pretty awesome social life. I was having fun yet somehow not really enjoying myself. It all changed when I started to choose me. Starting doing what I felt like doing. I felt liberated and freer. It brought me so much: more time, more money and freedom. That is why I started Amaze Yourself. To help you feel free and liberated by choosing you. Embrace Life!





Yvonne Dam

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